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About Us


We would like to thank you for visiting NavStore - Your Pro Marine Source. NavStore is a division of Great Lakes Marine Specialties. We have been providing marine accessories to the Commercial, Government and Recreational Boater since 1995.  NavStore started at a time when computers, gps receivers and digital charting software were just starting to become available to the general marine public.  It was difficult to find any source for these products in the Great Lakes Region, so NavStore was opened to make them readily available to the Great Lakes marketplace. The Internet with online sales was pretty much in its infancy at that time, but the internet turned out to be an excellent place to find boaters interested in combining their boating activities with the computer experience. While specializing in this area of business for the first five year of existence, the business has expanded into the wider area of marine products we now represent. 

We are a small business and pride ourselves in trying to provide our customers with personal assistance.  We do not just kick a box out the door and then move on to the next customer.  If you call during our business hours and we do not pick up the line, we are most likely on the phone with other customers either taking an order or providing customer service.  Please leave us a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

We are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which provides us shipping access to most of the US within three to four days, via ground shipping. We also ship to many international customers as well.  Our products ship directly from our office as well as directly from some of our manufacturer’s and distributor’s warehouses.

Most of us working for NavStore have a boating background and decades of experiance. This is not a sideline, but full-time business.

We want to thank you for taking the time to explore NavStore – Your Pro Marine Source.  I hope that you find our site full of interesting and useful products.  Please let me know if I or any of the NavStore Crew can be of assistance.

We look forward to working with you!


Rich Jamieson
Managing Director