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Actisense Quick Network Block QNB-1 NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000

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Actisense Quick Network Block QNB-1 NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000

Actisense™ Quick Network Block (QNB-1)

The Actisense QNB-1 and QNB-1-PMW provide flexible alternatives to multiple connectors reducing the cost of an NMEA 2000 cable installation.

Both QNB-1 versions are perfectly suited to areas of high instrument density, such as engine bays, as six network drops can be connected.

The QNB-1 can limit the current to the safe level for the network. The LEDs provide information for the installer during set up and use to indicate the presence of data, power status, power reversal and to show whether the fuses are intact.

The QNB-1-PMW version is fitted with six standard NMEA 2000 M12 (Micro-fit) female connectors which allow 'plug and play' connections for quick and easy installation.

Benefits of the QNB-1 versions:

  • One unit provides six NMEA 2000 drops
  • Power hook up is protected
  • Simple installation on Mini and Micro networks      

Technical features

Wide battery input voltage range to offer maximum compatibility, the QNB-1 can operate from a battery supply anywhere between 8 and 35 volts.

Eight x 5-way blocks of connectors, allowing up to 8 instruments to be powered and connected together at the same time.

A data LED flashes as data passes through showing that network information flowing.

Very low power consumption that is typically 10mA for the detector circuit and LEDs.

Two fuses are provided (4 amps as standard) allowing each bank to provide a total of up to 4 amps of current. (with proper cabling 8 amps per branch can be accomplished. See manual.)

Very tough Polycarbonate case is certified to IP66 (classified as “totally protected against dust and protection against low pressure jets of water from all directions”). Being Polycarbonate, it is also incredibly strong, offering a wide temperature range and superior protection to the electronics inside. The IP66 rating of the case is only limited by the sealing gasket strip, which can be enhanced by applying a suitable non-acid based marine sealant to the gasket after wiring and testing. This will allow use of the unit in areas where salt spray could enter, or in environments where maximum long-term reliability is paramount.

Robust Nylon grommets are certified to IP68 (classified as immersible for long periods without water ingress). Note that to achieve this level of water integrity all grommets
must be occupied by round-section cables.

Large range of possible cable diameters of between 4.5 mm and 12 mm, single or multi-pair wire types can be easily accepted. The QNB-1 does not validate or checksum the data it receives in any way. Therefore, the electronic device(s) supplying the QNB-1 with data retain(s) the sole responsibility for the data’s validity. 

The QNB-1 does not act as a data buffer. Its only purpose is to allow simple connections between instruments to be made reliably. If an NMEA 0183 data buffer is required, use an Actisense NBF-3 to boost and isolate the data from the source talker instrument to the NMEA 0183 network.


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