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Airmar B117 50/200kHz Mix and Match Cable Bronze Low Profile Depth and Temperature Transducer - B117-DT-MM

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Airmar B117 50/200kHz Bronze Low Profile Depth and Temperature Transducer - B117-DT-MM  (Compatibility: Works with All Airmar Mix and Match Cables)

The Airmar B117 features a 50/200 kHz, dual-frequency, single ceramic element in a low-profile bronze housing. The nearly flush design minimizes drag with only 5 mm (2/10") extending outside of the hull.
Compatibility: Works with All Airmar Mix and Match Cables
• Depth only or depth and temperature
• 600 W
• Dual-frequency elements:
◦ 50 kHz with a wide 45° beam for performance to 353 m (1200')
◦ 200 kHz with a 12° beam for performance to 206 m (700')
• Right-angle cable exit offers low headroom and protection when transducer is stepped on
• Included rubber washer allows tightening of the hull nut to irregular hull surfaces
• Housings are ABYC H-27 compliant
• Low-profile, bronze housing with minimum drag
• Recommended boat size: up to 8 m (25')
• Plastic P319and stainless steel SS60 models are also available to accommodate all hull materials and deadrise angles
• Weight:
◦ Plastic—0.6 kg (1.3 lb)
◦ Bronze—0.9 kg (2.0 lb)
• Hull Deadrise: Best performance on hull deadrise angle through 7°. Can accommodate up to a 12° deadrise angle.
• Acoustic Window: Urethane
• Hole Diameter: 51 mm (2")
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