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Patriot Parts and Accessories

$71.99 $55.95
Patriot 4′ Aluminum Dock Frame End Rail - 10803 Two Aluminum Dock Frame End Rails are included with the PN 10800 aluminum dock frame assembly. Add one...

$89.95 $65.95
Patriot Aluminum Quick Connect Plates 2 Sets - 10808 The aluminum quick connect plates allow for quick connection of multiple docks or dock sections....

$39.99 $35.95
Patriot Dock HD Pipe Holder 10810 The HD pipe holder is fastened to the aluminum dock frame with two 1/2” bolt/nut fasteners. The zinc oxide-coated steel...

$65.99 $53.95
Patriot Plastic Dock Wheel - 24" x 8.5" - 10821 The Paatriot Plastic Dock Wheel is universal and can be applied to any application where there is an...