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Conex JDB200X Precision Digital Barometer/Thermometer

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JDB200X Precision Digital Barometer/Thermometer

The JDB200X introduces a new level of accuracy and versitilty to the digital barometer.

Features include:

  • ± 0.10 mb precision
  • Sample time adjustible in one second intervals from 10 seconds to 15 minutes
  • Pressure displayed in inHg, mB, mmHg, atm
  • Temperature displayed ºF  & ºC 
  • Audible pressure change alerts
  • Large easy to read LCD displays
  • Easily switch between sea level  and station pressure.
  • Sample pressure any time with external contact closure input. 

Conex JDB200X Digital Barometer Operating Manual (jdb200X_manual_may_15_2013-2_.pdf, 317 Kb) [Download]

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