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Webasto Boat Heaters

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Here you'll find extensive product information on our great line of Webasto marine heaters.

Why Webasto? Webasto is a global market leader in the auxillary heater industry and is a supplier to major equipment manufacturers around the world.

Webasto makes a full line of air and coolant heaters to meet the needs of virtually any size craft. State 

Webasto Boat Heaters

of the art and micro-processor controlled, all Webasto marine heaters are compact, lightweight, and efficient. 

Webato AirTop Heaters for quiet warmth and cozy comfort.

Small in size but not in power, Webasto air heaters generate warm, dry air quickly and quietly.

Adaptable for installation wherever room allows, the Webasto air heaters draw fresh air into a sealed heat exchanger where it is heated very quickly. Powerful fans circulate the warmth evenly throughout any number of outlets, while exhaust is discharged outside.

Webasto Coolant Heaters for plentiful heat and hot water.

Nothing extends the boating season like a Webasto coolant heater. Sophisticated and powerful enough to heat a yacht, Webasto water heaters are still small enough to fit into snug spaces.

Webasto coolant heaters can warm radiators in all the cabins, or be installed with fan-assisted 

With a Webasto heater on board, you'll also have plenty of hot water for showers and the galley, heated by an indirect coil in the hot water tank.heat exchangers when space is at a premium. The unit can even be linked to the engine's coolant system, to pre-heat the engine and eliminate cold starts.

Best of all, you won't be bothered by the drone of a noisy generator. Mounted in the engine room near the batteries and fuel tank, a Webasto coolant heater is almost inaudible.