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How to use Soltron™

How to use Soltron™

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 Soltron™ is a fuel enhancing agent.  For maximum effects and value, use Soltron™ in every tank at the rate of approximately one ml per gallon (there are 30 mls per ounce).  Soltron™ is pure fuel and will not hurt any engine if overdosed. 

 16 oz. bottle:  Treats up to 500 gallons.  Each red line indicates approximately one ounce, or 30 mls.  Remove cap and tamperproof foil liner.  Pour one ounce into tank for every thirty gallons of fuel.  Effects can be felt in as little as thirty minutes.

1 Gallon treats up to 4,000 gallons

5 Gallons treats up to 20,000 gallons

55 Gallons treats up to 220,000 gallons

Special Performance Notes

Smog testing: Soltron™ may be used to pass cars and trucks subject to emissions testing.  For most automobiles, regular use of Soltron™ will be sufficient to keep them within their acceptable range.  If a vehicle fails, or is expected to fail, run two tanks of Soltron™ treated fuel through the vehicle at freeway speeds, then before the test, add one full 16 oz. bottle of Soltron™ one day before the test.  Always test vehicle at full temperature.

Vehicle tank cleanup and rejuvenating stale gasoline:

Soltron™ is a powerful fuel tank and fuel system cleaner.  It will also improve stale gasoline. (Up to six months old) Add one 16 oz. bottle of Soltron™ for every 100 gallons of old gasoline or tank capacity to any contaminated tank and allow to sit overnight.  You can now use the fuel.  Always monitor fuel filters during the first few days after a double dose. 

Rejuvenating old diesel fuel: Treat old or contaminated diesel fuel at the rate of 16 ounces per 250 gallons.  Circulate for two to three days.  Allow the fuel to settle, and remove any water off the bottom of the tank.  Diesel fuel is ready to use.

Cautionary Notice

Soltron™ is a powerful dispersant and may loosen heavy accumulations of sludge, including deposits caused by overuse of other fuel additives.  Fuel filters may require servicing when first using Soltron in contaminated fuel.

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