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Signal Mate

Signal Mate began with the design and patent of the Signal Mate Controller for automated horn and light signaling for restricted visibility and distress, fulfilling the requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard for inland and 72 COLREGS for international.

Signal Mate products are all about safety, “Be Safe  Be Seen  Be Heard”, when on the water.

Since navigation lights are the first line of defense to be seen on the water, the latest technology of high brightness (HB) LEDs with constant current drivers is used in the full line of lights: Port, Starboard, Bi-Color, Stern, Masthead, Combination Masthead & Anchor, Anchor, Combination Tri-Color & Anchor, Towing, Hovercraft, Dredging, and deck lighting.

Serving both power and sail boats in the recreational, commercial and military community, Signal Mate manufactures its own lights in Baltimore, Maryland to maintain the quality of workmanship.  

To meet the requirements of UL1104 for inspected vessels, Signal Mate is currently developing a new line of commercial navigation lights.