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Zinnos, Inc.

Zinnos, Inc. is dedicated to Marine electronics, Ship Network and Interface related items. Most of their products are NMEA and IEC 61162 standard related and designed for high reliability. NavStore is proud to be an authorized dealer and make their products readily available to the marine market. 

Zinnos, Inc. products include, NMEA Buffer Splitters, NMEA Analog Converters, NMEA Multiplexers, NMEA Ethernet Gateways, etc . . . related to NMEA 0183 and IEC 61162.


$595.95 $589.95
Zinnos ZNT-300 NMEA 0183 Tester –  (Monitor/Simulator with Oscilloscope) The ZNT-300 NMEA Tester is a sub-compact and ultra-light portable NMEA Tester,...
10 item(s)

Zinnos NMEA Buffer / Splitter – ZNR-208B (2-8ch) NMEA Buffer, ZNR-208B Smart 8ch NMEA Buffer is high reliable and high performance. This NMEA Buffer...
2 item(s)

$750.00 $699.00
Zinnos ZNC-401 Universal NMEA 0183 Converter The Universal NMEA Converter, ZNC-401 converts various synchro, step, analog format signal into NMEA-0183...
1 item(s)

Zinnos ZNC-910B Smart NMEA to Step & Log Converter (Modes 1, 2, 3) ZNC-910B Smart NMEA to Step Gyro Converter converts from NMEA data (HDT) to Step...

Zinnos ZNC-920 Smart NMEA Speed Log Pulse Converter (Modes 2, 3 only)  See  Zinnos ZNC-910B for Smart NMEA to Step & Log Converter with (Modes 1,...

Zinnos ZNR-140 4ch NMEA 0183 Buffer / Converter - 24VDC The ZNR-140 NMEA 0183 Buffer/converter, for 24 VDC systems, is a highly reliable serial data...
3 item(s)

Zinnos ZNR-214 Intelligent NMEA Buffer (Splitter/Expander) The Intelligent NMEA Buffer, ZNR-214 is a high reliable Serial Data Buffer...
2 item(s)

Zinnos ZNR-416 4-16ch NMEA-0183 Buffer / Splitter ZNR-416 is a Smart NMEA buffer has 4 inputs and 16 outputs, and world’s first product what is be used...