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Maretron Direct Current Relay Module DCR100

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Maretron's DCR100 contains 6 Direct Current (DC) relays, each capable of switching up to 10amps. The DCR100 connects directly to an NMEA 2000® network, so you can turn on and off the relays from any device onboard or remotely running Maretron's N2KView® software. The DCR100 easily handles resistive DC loads like lights, or inductive DC loads like pumps and motors. The DCR100 can also be used to switch AC circuits using external relays.

An added benefit of the DCR100 is that it reports the current through each of the six channels. This allows you to determine if loads are drawing too little electrical current such as burnt out bulbs, or if the loads are starting to draw too much electrical current.


  •     Six Relays for On / Off Control Over NMEA 2000® Network
  •     Each Relay Capable of Carrying Up to 10 amps
  •     Individual Relay Electrical Current Monitoring
  •     Automatic Relay Over Current Shutdown (Shuts Down at ~ 12 amps)
  •     Automatic Relay Thermal Shutdown (Over Temperature Protection)


  •     Remote Control of Navigation Lights
  •     Remote Control of Boarding Lights
  •     Burnt Out Bulb Alerts


DCR100 - Direct Current Relay Module Datasheet (DCR100_Datasheet001.pdf, 481 Kb) [Download]

DCR100 - Direct Current Relay Module User's Manual (DCR100UM_1.1001.pdf, 375 Kb) [Download]

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