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Oceanic Systems Fuel Sender 500-1000mm 5 Bolt SAE - 3271-1000

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Oceanic Systems Fuel Sender 500-1000mm 5 Bolt SAE - 3271-1000

The 3271 NMEA2000® Volumetric Fuel Sender provides very accurate measurement and output of either the remaining Fuel LEVEL or the remaining Fuel VOLUME to the NMEA2000 network.

It is accurate to ±2% and automatically provides a stilling action to dampen out fuel slosh in the tank to maximise accuracy when conditions are rough or the boat is travelling quickly.

The 3271 can be programmed with up to 100 volumetric points, so that it offers the most accurate indication of the remaining VOLUME of fuel in the tank. This volume information can then be displayed on any NMEA2000® enabled display, wherever it is required.

No more volume inaccuracies caused by having to set just 8 or 16 volumetric points.

No ultrasonic “dead band” which makes it impossible to measure the fuel in the top 75mm or 3 inches of the Fuel tank! Just rugged dependable accuracy with thousands of units installed worldwide. It is now standard fitting on many well known power, sail and work boat builders.

It is robustly constructed in stainless steel with no moving parts to stick or fail in service. It is available to suit tank depths from 250mm to 3 metres.

The sender constantly monitors the fuel for any water contamination and warns if any is found to protect the engine from expensive damage.

It is easily fitted in the fuel tank using the industry standard SAE 5 bolt fitting, 1.5” NPT or a 1.25” BSP threaded mount. Up to 16 Fuel Level Senders can be connected to a single network and the sender number is simply selectable at installation by means of the small rotary switch.

It is certified to the NMEA2000® network standard and attaches to the network using a single “Micro” plug. It draws less than 50mA from the network.

  • Output remaining Fuel Volume or Level
  • High ±2% Accuracy
  • Proven Reliability - Over 4000 installed
  • Up to 100 Volumetric Calibration Points
  • Tank depths from 250mm to 3 meters
  • Up to 16 Fuel senders on a single network
  • Easy to Install
  • Robust Stainless Steel Construction
  • NMEA2000 Certified
  • Single micro plug to NMEA2000
  • No ultrasonic “dead band”at top of tank
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