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Oceanic Systems Micro Cable Bulk (per meter) - 3820

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Oceanic Systems Micro Cable Bulk (per meter) - 3820

The NMEA2000® network comprises of a single trunk or backbone cable running through the length of the vessel with Tee Adaptors positioned where devices are to be attached to the network and a terminator at each end.

The trunk or backbone cable can be created by either using made up cables or cordsets that come in a range of lengths or by running bulk cable and using field installable connectors where Tee connectors are required.

Trunk cables come in two sizes, a larger "Mini" size which is rated to carry 8 Amps or a smaller "Micro" size which is rated to carry 4 Amps.

The "Mini" trunk cable uses 12mm diameter cable and 25mm diameter connectors. The "Micro" trunk cable uses 7.5mm diameter cable and 14.5mm diameter connectors. Both types of cable are available in 0.5, 1, 2, 5 and 10 metre lengths and as bulk cable.

Most installers are using the Micro size cable as this is much easier to handle and install.

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