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Oceanic Systems N2K to Modbus Gateway - 3155

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Oceanic Systems N2K to Modbus Gateway - 3155

The 3155 NMEA2000® to Modbus Gateway provides a powerful solution to convert NMEA2000 messages from engines, tank senders, generators, AC monitors, battery banks, battery chargers and control switches to the Modbus RS485 format.

Large yacht monitoring systems use the Modbus RS485 standard to communicate with PLCs and sensors on board to control and monitor on board systems such as tank levels, pump, ventilators, lighting, alarms and other equipment. Marine equipment manufacturers are increasingly using the NMEA2000® interface to output data from engines, generators, tank senders, battery chargers and other equipment.

The 3155 NMEA2000® to Modbus Gateway provides the perfect link from these device interfaces to the long established Modbus based systems.

The Gateway is designed to be DIN rail mounted in a suitable location conveniently positioned to connect by a single cable to the NMEA2000® network and a single RS485 cable to the Modbus system.

With this Gateway the Modbus system can simply interrogate the NMEA2000® data from the attached devices and even control up to 8 banks of 28 switches/relays to control on board facilities.

It is certified to the NMEA2000® network standard and draws just 50mA current from that network.

It comes with a detailed User Manual that identifies what NMEA2000® data is available, it’s content, the data format and the data range with the Modbus address to read or control that data.

The 3155 is simple. powerful, reliable and very easy to use.

Provides Gateway from an NMEA2000® network to a Modbus RS485 interface for all the following devices:

  • 3 engines
  • 8 Fuel Tanks
  • 8 Fresh Water Tanks
  • 8 Grey Water Tanks
  • 8 Black Water Tanks
  • 8 Oil Tanks
  • 3 Generators
  • 3 AC Sources such as shore power and AC Bus Bars
  • 8 Battery Banks
  • 4 Battery Chargers each supporting up to 3 battery banks
  • 8 banks of 28 control switches


Oceanic Systems N2K to Modbus Gateway - 3155Systems N2K to Modbus Gateway - 3155 User Manual (3155_User-Manual_-Rev_1.21_.pdf, 1,032 Kb) [Download]

Oceanic Systems N2K to Modbus Gateway - 3155 - Datasheet (3155-Datasheet.pdf, 239 Kb) [Download]

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