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Oceanic Systems Yamaha Hub to NMEA 2000 Cabling Extender - 3862 1 Meter Cable

Garmin NMEA2000® Power Isolator
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Oceanic Systems Yamaha Hub to NMEA 2000 Cabling (Extender) - 3862

Oceanic Systems Yamaha Hub to NMEA2000® Network Female Socket with 1 Meter Cable (6 pin Female Yamaha Connector to Male Micro NMEA 2000 Connector)

To Extend the Yamaha Command Link Network up onto NMEA 2000 cabling for the attachment of multiple device using Tee Connectors.

Length: 1 meter 

NOTE: Not for use with Yamaha Fly-by-wire engines.  You must use a Yamaha Command Link Plus to NMEA 2000 Gateway in that situation.

Question: Will the 3862 Adapter Cable allow the Yamaha grey BUS port (6 pins) to be connected to a N2K Backbone via a N2K Tee?  

Answer: Yes.  However,  if both networks are individually powered, it is not recommended that you connect the two networks together and not address this dual power situation. Bad things can happen.  You can eliminate the power connection between the two networks by cutting the red and black wires going into the 6 pin connector of the 3862.  As an alternative, if you don't want to cut the wires, use the optional Garmin NMEA 2000 Power Isolater between the 3862 N2K connector and the N2K Tee.

Question: Can I use the Offshore Dynamics 3862 Adapter cable if I have a Command Link Plus system or any type of digital, Fly-by-wire (digital throttle) devices on the Yamaha Network?

Answer: No. You will need to use the Yamaha Command Link Plus Gateway to protect the integrity of the Yamaha Network. This cable is only for networks with Analog devices.

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