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Patriot Aluminum Dock - 32' Straight Dock - Poly

This product is not for saltwater or brackish water use.

This product ships from the manufacturer's warehouse in approximately 7 - 10 days.

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Includes: 4- 4x8 Frames; 1- End Rail; 4 Post Brackets; 2- 4-ft Posts; 2- 6-ft Posts; 4 Foot Plates; 4 Vinyl Caps; 8- 4x4 Poly Deck Panels.

Patriot Aluminum Truss Docks

Patriot Docks are taking the industry by storm. Simple but strong, any property owner would be proud to have a Patriot Dock at their shoreline. Shallow water or deep water, straight dock or "T" shape, standing or roll-in- Patriot Docks are the ticket.

Patriot modular aluminum marine docks  Patriot modular aluminum marine docks  Patriot modular aluminum marine docks


Innovative Features!

Quality in Every Detail!

Outstanding Value!

Patriot modular aluminum marine docks provide the ultimate in shoreline enjoyment at discount mega-store prices. How do they do it? By modular designs and large volume production. Patriot Docks doesn't skimp on quality. Their 12-inch deep aluminum truss frames are expertly crafted with welded and bolted connections. They use 7/16" diameter aluminum chord rods, where others only use 3/8". Pipe is all schedule 40 steel, not lighter weight steel tubing. The pipe brackets are extra long with two - not one - stainless steel set bolts. Patriot Docks have a limited Lifetime Warranty on aluminum components. Look very closely at the Patriot Dock and you will easily recognize the value.

Poly Dock-Top or Cedar
Patriot Docks offers decking options our competitors can only dream about, like super strong and affordable Dock-Top™ poly decking panels and cedar decking. The  Dock-Top™ decking is often less expensive than our competitor's untreated wood decks. That's value!

Take a close look at Patriot Docks. These are not low end ordinary truss docks. Careful inspection of the features of this rock solid dock systems will show that Patriot Docks provide innovative solutions at an affordable price. Their modular and maintenance-free designs will let you spend more time having fun on the beach and on the water!  If you are not in an area where you can see one of our dock, please review the following picture to see the quality of this robust docking product.

Why a Patriot Aluminum Truss Dock?

Patriot truss-type docks provide marine dock solutions in many environments. The truss style frame allows waves to pass through without beating up your dock with lateral live loads. Easy in and easy our, these docks are very user friendly. With this lightweight and maintenance free design, you won't have to worry about replacement any time soon. 

Patriot truss docks are a great value! Featuring superior structural and modular design, executed by expert craftsmanship. These docks compare favorably to the very best on the market, at fraction of the price. Clean, simple modular design produced in high volumes is the key to the Patriot Dock's inherent value.






Modular Components for Post-Type or Roll-In
Maintenance Free Aluminum
Truss Frames in 8’ and 16’ Lengths
12” High Truss Frames w/ 7/16” Diameter Chords
Center Span Support Tube Throughout
Full-Height Truss Frame Crossties at 4’ Spacing
Deck Panel Support All Around Perimeter
No Drilling - Easy to Assemble
Long Pipe Brackets with 2 Set Screws Each
Heavy Duty Schedule 40 Pipe
Available Pipe Brace for Soft Bottom Applications
24” Diameter Plastic Wheels


We can ship Patriot Docks!

Each 4x8 dock frame assembly comes in a 5"x12"x96" package with connecting bolts included. We can ship up to three complete docks on a 4x8 skid. For shipping in the five state area (IA, IL, MN, ND, NE, SD, WI) we ship via SpeeDee Freight. For outside the seven state area, we ship by common carrier and we typically ship the wheels separately for weight class. We collect Sales Tax only for docks delivered in MN.  We even ship docks to Canada.


These features provide superb stability and require virtually no maintenance. Patriot Docks provide a long lasting product and an uncommon value. Modular designs give you flexibility to build virtually any configuration of marine dock. Be the envy of your neighbors. Go with Patriot Docks from NavStore - Your Pro Marine Source!


Patriot Dock components are modular to make it easy to customize the size and configuration for maximum versatility. We have prepared many dock packages which can be combined to almost any layout. NavStore can put together the plan that works best for you. Check out some sample packages below. You can add more sections or combine packages to make just about any configuration. We can make dock systems over 100 feet long by combining configurations or by adding sections. Be sure to compare total package price of Patriot Docks compared to all other options. Patriot Docks are the price leaders in the industry- big volume translates to low costs.


Straight Sectional Docks                                       Straight Roll-In Docks



Patio Sectional Docks                                                    Roll-In Patio Docks



"L" Shape Docks



Maximum span between posts is 16 feet. Longer posts are available. Roll-in wheel kits can be placed at the end or at any 4-foot interval. For maximum stability, place roll-in wheel kits at the end of the dock. To increase stability of patio docks, consider adding more post supports. Package designs may vary and certain conditions may warrant alterations. Visit your closest dealer to get all the details. Prices may vary depending on options and OEM price adjustments. Some dealers can ship your entire dock so you can shop from the comfort of your own living room.

Deck Options

Patriot Docks can be ordered with maintenance-free poly Dock-Top™ panels or with cedar decking. Both options involve 4' x 4' drop in sections that are easy to handle. With Patriot Docks, deck panels are supported all around their perimeter and down the center. Most dock makers only support the ends and the center. The difference results in secure panel end support for a solid feel as you move up and down your dock. Only Patriot Docks include strong cross tie supports every four feet. Both types of panels stay put because of the underside rails and/or ribs.

Cedar Deck
Our cedar decking is made of premium grade cedar. Pre-assembled 4' x 4' drop-in cedar panels make for easy handling. Easy to install and remove.



The poly Dock-Top™ is a super strong molded deep rib panel with see though slots to protect the habitat below. These non-slip panels are easy on the feet and easy on the eyes. Each section is constructed out of four panels that are connected by nearly invisible connecting clips underneath for a solid feel. No screws or bolts to loosen over time. Compare these to other poly panels on the market and give them the jump test.

Individual panels connect together with 6 connecting clips. Simply lay panels upside down on a flat surface and tap on the self-aligning connecting clips with a hammer. It takes just a minute or two for each 4x4 section. Optional Deck Lockers keep poly decking on the dock in windy conditions. These mount on the bottom side at the edge joints. Simply twist the rotating swivel to "lock" the panel to the frame.


see below for instruction and assembly downloads

What type of dock is right for me?

Roll-in docks are ideal for hard gradual sloping sandy bottoms. Sectional or "fixed" docks are a good fit for steep and rugged shorelines where you may not be able to roll in a dock.

Why should I consider a Patriot Dock?

Patriot docks represent the best value for a premium quality dock. Featuring 12" deep aluminum truss frames with full depth cross ties, HD Schedule 40 support pipes, two bolt pipe holders, corrosion resistant connectors, 1,000 lb capacity poly wheels and easy assembly and installation.

How easy is it to put together?

Dock frames are shipped individually and include side rails, one end cross rail, one middle cross rail, an end connector rail and center tube supports. Frames bolt together so that there is only one cross rail (full depth truss 4-feet wide) at each frame joint. Side rails and center tube supports are marked "Lake" or "Shore" to indicate orientation. Just start from the shore end and assemble frames, one at a time. Patriot Docks feature multiple connection holes for easier assembly. Refer to Assembly Instructions.

How much does it weigh?

Dock frames weigh about 40 lbs (4x8). Poly decking weighs 24 lbs per 4x4 panel. Wood decking weighs about 35 lbs per 4x4 panel. The steel pipe and connectors weigh more. You can figure roughly 14-16 lbs per lineal foot of dock for the average unit weight.

How long are the posts?

All patio (8' wide) wheel kits come standard with 4-ft pipes. Straight dock (4' wide) roll-in kits and Shore end wheel kits also come with 4-ft pipes standard. Note that the wheel axle is about one foot off the bottom so you can effectively add one foot to the above. Pre-configured docks use 4-ft support pipes throughout as standard. You can order longer pipes for your application.

Where does the roll-in wheel kit mount to the dock?

Roll-in wheel kits can be mounted at virtually any 4-ft interval. However, we strongly recommend mounting the wheel kit at the end of the dock frame. This provides maximum stability and allows for installation of the optional pipe stabilizer kit.

How can I make my roll-in patio dock more stable?

Increase stability in deep applications by adding pipe stabilizer kits to the patio section. These kits can be installed in both directions to secure pipe supports. You can always add more pipe supports to any dock to increase stability. .

How do I make an "L" Dock?

To create a 12-ft lateral at the end of a straight dock, use two 4x8 frame sections but locate the lateral at the very end, abutting the main straight dock. Laterals can only be installed at the lake end of any 8-ft frame. Refer to Installation Instructions.

How do I raise/lower the dock?

Attach a dock leveling winch by sliding it over the pipe post (remove vinyl cap first) and attach the hook securely to the frame and tighten. then loosen set bolts on the pipe connector and raise or lower. Re-tighten bolts before releasing. Alternately, manually lift the dock frame while standing on the foot plate before installing decking panels. Hint: For minor adjustments on roll-in docks, you can move the entire dock a short distance in or out. 

What about using roll-in type docks with drop offs and soft mud?

Consider adding a stabilizer kit to prevent bending the pipes in the roll-in kit.

Do Dock-Top poly panels get hot?

Dock-Top panels will warm but will not get too hot due to the neutral color.

How long do Dock-Top panels last?

Dock-Top panels come with a manufacturer's 7 year limited warranty. With proper maintenance (winter storage), Dock-Top panels can last 15-20 years. Product life is somewhat relative to the length of season (i.e. Minnesota vs Florida).

How do I keep the panels from blowing off?

Use optional Dock Lockers (at least 4 per 4x4 panel), screws or use plastic cable ties to secure the panels to the frame.

Can I use Dock-Top for my old dock?

Yes, as long as the dock has a center support and can accommodate the deep rib shape. Dock-Top should work fine for supports up to 1-3/4" wide without having to trim rib material. It will not work for 16" frame spans due to the deep rib configuration.

How do I store my dock decking over the winter?

Stack the panels on a level surface and cover them.

How do I attach bumpers or cleats?

Bumpers and cleats should be attached to the dock frame. Cleats can be installed through the deck panel, but it is better to mount it directly to the frame and cut away a small portion of the panel.

Lifetime Dock Warranty (pdf)

Assembly Instructions (pdf)

Step-By-Step Assembly Photos (pdf)

Bench Instructions (pdf)

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