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Quark-Elec NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 Mini Gateway QK-AS01

Brand: Quark-Elec (UK), Condition: New
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Quark-Elec NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 Mini Gateway QK-AS01

Only need to convert NMEA 0183 data to NMEA 2000 data packets. This is your device.  Why pay for bi-directional conversion when you only need one way converstion.

Sophisticated NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 mini gateway.

  • Designed to easily fit onto most surfaces
  • Small enough to fit behind instrument panels
  • Compatible with most NMEA 0183 devices
  • Supports the conversion of the majority of NMEA 0183 sentences

The QK-AS01 provides an easy solution to linking older NMEA 0183 devices to the newer NMEA 2000 network by converting NMEA 0183 output sentences to NMEA 2000 PGNs. The QK-AS01 is compatible with most NMEA 0183 devices and supports the majority of NMEA 0183 sentences.


  • Galvanic opto-isolation on NMEA 2000 CAN bus connection
  • Automatically detects and adjusts the NMEA 0183 input baud rate
  • Comes with a pre-fitted 1-meter NMEA 2000 cable
  • Small in size so can be easily installed behind instrument panels for minimal disruption to space
  • Fitted with a 5-core screened cable for the NMEA 2000 connection

What’s included 

1 x NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 mini gateway


NMEA 0183 sentence Function Converted to NMEA 2000 PGNs
DBT Depth Below Transducer 128267
DPT Depth 128267
GGA Global Positioning System Fix Data 126992, 129025, 129029
GLL Geographic Position Latitude/Longitude 126992, 129025
GSA GNSS DOP and Active Satellites 129539
GSV GNSS Satellites in View 129540
HDG Heading, Deviation & Variation 127250
HDM Heading, Magnetic 127250
HDT Heading, True 127250
MTW Water Temperature 130311
MWD Wind Direction & Speed 130306
MWV Wind Speed and Angle (True or relative) 130306
RMB Recommended Minimum Navigation Information 129283,129284
RMC* Recommended Minimum Specific GNSS Data 126992, 127258, 129025, 12902
ROT Rate Of Turn 127251
RPM Revolutions 127488
RSA Rudder Sensor Angle 127245
VHW Water Speed and Heading 127250, 128259
VLW Dual Ground/Water Distance 128275
VTG* Course Over Ground and Ground Speed 129026
VWR Relative (Apparent) Wind Speed and Angle 130306
XTE Cross Track Error, Measured 129283
ZDA Time & Date 126992
VDM/VDO AIS Message 1,2,3 129038
VDM/VDO AIS Message 4 129793
VDM/VDO AIS Message 5 129794
VDM/VDO AIS Message 9 129798
VDM/VDO AIS Message 14 129802
VDM/VDO AIS Message 18 129039
VDM/VDO AIS Message 19 129040
VDM/VDO AIS Message 21 129041
VDM/VDO AIS Message 24 129809.12981



QK-AS01 Basic Setup Overview (QK-AS01_Setup_Guide.pdf, 251 Kb) [Download]

QK-AS01 Manual Detailed technical specifications. (QK-AS01_manual.pdf, 367 Kb) [Download]

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