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Quark-Elec Waterproof GPS Antenna - QK-AS14

Brand: Quark-Elec (UK), Condition: New
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Quark-Elec Waterproof GPS Antenna - QK-AS14

Convenient GPS Antenna.

  • Designed to easily fit onto most surfaces
  • Ideal for all places you need GPS data


QK-AS14 is a convenient waterproof GPS antenna, compatible with any 1-inch antenna base of your choice.

For best result locate in line of sight of the sky.

The GPS antenna is compatible with a host of  GPS applications including marine, vehicle, fleet, asset tracking and mobile applications amongst many other general positioning applications. Well suited to be used in a variety of locations, such as vehicles, buildings and marine use.

This GPS antenna has a BNC male connection.

It also comes with a choice of BNC -TNC and BNC-SMA adaptors.


  • Center frequency: 1575MHz
  • VSWR: ≤1.5
  • LNA Gain(Without cable): 30dB
  • Bandwidth: ±10 MHz
  • Polarization: Right-handed Circular Polarized
  • Impendence: 50Ω
  • Noise Figure: ≤1.5dB
  • DC Voltage: 3.0-5.0V DC
  • DC current: ≤30mA
  • Weight: <500g
  • Size: 96×107mm
  • Cable Length: 8 meters
  • Connector: BNC(male)
  • Working Temp -30℃~+65℃
  • Waterproof & dust tight (IPX7 rated) ideal for marine as well as building sites
  • GPS and BeiDou


  • Marine AIS transponders and GPS/AISreceivers – Such as the QK-A051*, QK-A026**, QK-A027** and QK-A028** AIS & GPS Receivers (*Requires BNC to TNC adaptor, **Requires BNC to SMA adaptor)
  • GPS Repeater
  • GPS Trackers – such as the QK-G022G** GPS tracker with remote control

What’s included 

1 x GPS Antenna with 8 meter cable

1 x BNC to TNC adapter (if selected)

1 x BNC to SMA adapter (if selected)

1 Year Manufactuers Guarantee