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Robert Shaw W001-467 Thermostat

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Robert Shaw W001-467 Thermostat


The W001-467 Low Voltage Thermostat combines the reliable mercury free switch, no leveling required, with the latest design technology. Compatible with most heating and/or cooling applications including Webasto Hydronics and Airtop systems and electrical heat. No subbase is required and they will mount directly to the wall. 



Electrical rating 24 Volt application
24 volt, 30 VAC, 1.6 amp max.
Electrical rating Millivolt application
250-750 millivolts (Thermostat comes set for 24 volt, anticipator must be adjusted for millivolt use)
Anticipation 24 volt models
.2 to 1.6 amps
Factory setting
.6 amps
Cooling anticipation fixed
4700 ohms
Temperature range
50° to 90°F (10° to 32°C)
4-1/2" W X 3-1/4" H X 1-5/8" D
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