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ShipModul MPX Configuration Software - MPX-Config

MPX-Config for Window and Mac OS X is the configuration tool used for altering the settings of the ShipModul MiniPlex multiplexers. From time to time ShipModul improves the firmware of the multiplexers and adds new options. These options must be supported by MPX-Config. It is therefore important to match the version of MPX-Config to the version of the firmware in the multiplexer. The table below lists the matching combinations.

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MiniPlex firmware changelog

From June 1st, 2011, the versions of the firmware and MPX-Config are numbered again as 'Vm.n.p'. These numbers have the following meaning:

m: Major version number. This number changes when significant improvements to the firmware are made.
n: Minor version number. This number changes when small features are added to the firmware.
p: Patchlevel number. This number changes when bugs are fixed. The feature set remains the same.

When 'm' or 'n' are changed, a new manual will be available as well as a new matching version of MPX-Config.

MiniPlex firmware overview

V3.19.2 This update resolves a bug in the MiniPlex-2Wi that left the NMEA inputs muted after setting the IP parameters with the $PSMDWI,N command.
V3.19.1 This update enhances the WiFi stability. The WiFi connection now supports the UDP protocol. Up to 5 clients can send and receive data using UDP. TCP is still limited to one connection. UDP communication stops when a device opens a TCP connection.WiFi updates are more robust and verbose about the update process.The PSMDWI,Y command has been removed. The PSMDWI,A command now determines the WiFi version and initializes the interface accordingly.A MiniPlex firmware bug has been resolved which caused a "Multiplexer does not respond" message to appear in MPX-Config when reading the configuration while a lot of NMEA data was received. A minor bug affecting the flow control on the host interfaces has been resolved.
V3.18.1 Command PSMDWI,Y has been added to re-initialize the WiFi module prior to updating its firmware.
V3.18.0 Supports WiFi firmware updates from the built-in FTP server in MPX-Config V3.10.x. A WiFi connection to the Internet is no longer needed, the update can be loaded as a file.
V3.17.2 The Sentence Filter & Routing in V3.17.1 failed to block a sentence while it was listed in the filter list and received on a blocked input. This only occured when the Default Action was set to Pass. This is resolved in V3.17.2.
V3.17.1 The WiFi interface now operates as an Access Point instead of Ad-hoc network, resulting in a stable WiFi connection. Devices that connect over WiFi now get an IP address from the multiplexer. The IP address of the MiniPlex-2Wi is now option is added to reverse the heading of a gyro compass by 180 degrees. This can be used to provide two opposing navigation stations on ferries with a heading from the same gyro.A queue is added as a fifth 'virtual' input that receives NMEA sentences generated from NMEA conversions. This adds more flexibility to the routing of original and converted NMEA sentences.The NMEA filter now accepts multiple entries with the same NMEA address field. This allows routing of identical sentences from different inputs to different outputs.
V3.15.0 This update has better handling of WiFi firmware updates. New PSMDWI commands are added to configure the WiFi connection.
V3.13.3 This update allows you to update the firmware in the WiFi module. It improves the stability of the WiFi connection and prevents the WiFi module from loosing its configuration. Read the included Readme file for instructions.
V3.13.2 This update resolves WiFi connection problems. When the WiFi connection is lost by for instance closing your laptop, the multiplexer tries to maintain the TCP connection for one minute. During this time it is not possible to reconnect and the multiplexer appears to be unresponsive.With this update installed, the multiplexer terminates any existing TCP connection when the WiFi connection is lost. After the update procedure, the WiFi interface must be re-initialized by manually issueing the $PSMDWI,&A command.
V3.13.1 This version is similar to V3.13.0 with added support for WiFi.
V3.13.0 VTG to VHW conversion implemented to allow substitution of log data with speed and heading info from a GPS. This conversion generates a new VHW sentence from a VTG sentence. The original VTG sentence is still available. The same behaviour applies to the HDG to HDT conversion when enabled: previous versions replaced the HDG sentence with a HDT sentence, this version generates a HDT sentence in addition to the HDG sentence.Filter option added to determine the default action of the sentence filter. Non-listed sentences can be passed or blocked. This option replaces the "all-wildcard" ("-----") entry.Bug fixed in the VTG sentence status field check.
V3.12.0 Update in SeaTalk conversion: a VHW sentence (Speed Through Water) will have its heading field filled when a SeaTalk Heading datagram is received.The GPS status check now includes the VTG sentence.Bug fixed in the handling of the PSMDSP sentence. When SeaTalk translation is enabled, the speed parameter for Input 4 will now be ignored and this input will be set to operate at 4800 Baud.Bug resolved in handling of the NMEA input queues. In rare cases not all data was retrieved from the queues, resulting in a decreased capacity while the statistics window never showed 0% for an input.
V3.11 Bug fixed in SeaTalk to NMEA translation which stopped working after a few seconds and subsequently Input 4 showed a constant overflow. The adjustable priority time-out did not work.Bug fixed in the setting of the variable Priority time out.
V3.10 Added the possibility of routing NMEA data based on default routes and specific sentence based routes. These routing options replace the Hub and Server modes.TAG blocks implemented for adding input channel information to NMEA sentences.Added a command to restore the multiplexer to its factory default settings.Fixed a bug in the translation of SeaTalk data, where a corrupted SeaTalk block could produce a garbled NMEA sentence.
V3.00 The MiniPlex-2 can now be updated by the user. New firmware versions can be downloaded and programmed into the multiplexer with MPX-Config.The Bluetooth version now exists in two versions: with an RS-232 port and with a USB port.A few minor improvements were made like selectable priority for SeaTalk data, adjustable Priority time-out, validity test for GPS data and an extension of the baudrate range of the inputs and outputs.