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ShipModul SeaTalk to NMEA 0183 Conversion


SeaTalk is a proprietary protocol developed by Raymarine®. This protocol is used for communication between Raymarine navigation instruments like the ST40, ST50 and ST60 series.

To be able to use this data with commonly available navigation programs or to feed this data to other, non-Raymarine instruments, it needs to be translated to NMEA. Even Raymarine's own navigation software, Raytech Navigator, needs this translation.

All ShipModul multiplexers, except the Model 0107 ShipModul MiniPlex-Lite USB, translate general SeaTalk data required for navigation into NMEA sentences.

The following table lists the Seatalk data that is converted into NMEA:

Seatalk data Generated NMEA sentence
Depth DBT
Wind angle and speed MWV
Speed through water VHW
Trip and total mileage VLW
Water temperature MTW
GPS position RMC
Magnetic heading HDG

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