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Shipping to Canada

As an addon to our standard Term and Conditions, when ordering from NavStore (Great Lakes Marine Specialtes), for items being imported into Canada, we want our Canadian Customers to know that additonal costs maybe involved.  Any duties, vats, or other applicable taxes, customs broker fees or other fees due upon entry to the buyer's county, are the responsibility of the buyer. We can not calulate these for you.  You will need to contact your local Govmenment represetitive to find out what these addtional costs might add to the final delivery cost of your order.

If the buyer fails to clear customs or refuses the incoming shipment, and the shipment must be returned or destroyed, the buyer is responsible for all costs incurred to return the shipment to its original shipping point or the complete cost incurred if the shipment is destroyed due to non-delivery.

So that there are no surprises when the delivery person/company/agency brings the package to your door, or contacts you to pick up your package, we recommend at a minimum, you visit the following links to learn more about the cost to import items into Canada:

Taxation in Canada

UPS Rates for Customs Clearance into Canada

Importing to Canada Personal

Importing to Canada Commercial

The above links are for a starting point.  You may need to seek out additional information.