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Signal Mate 3-Probe Pump In Level Controller 10-30 Volts AC or DC - 3PINLOW29

Brand: Signal Mate, Condition: New
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This 3-Probe is a Pump In and sometimes called a Pump Up liquid level controller meaning you are pumping a liquid into a tank, you need to keep a level in a tank. The controller is an all in one controller, the electronics and probes are one unit with a cable that goes to your existing system. Mount it and wire it.

The theory of operation is as follows, The three probes communicate between each other through the liquid to determine where the liquid level is. The conductivity of the liquid can be as low as 8uSiemens where distilled water is around 5uSiemens. The white and black probes are the control for one contact (MOSFET) output, when the liquid level drops below the white probe the contact closes allowing the customers solenoid or relay to energize thus allowing the liquid to be pumped into the tank. When the liquid touches the black probe the contact opens thus de-energizing the solenoid or relay. 

The green probe is the reference probe and it's only job is to communicate with the other probes and must be the longest probe submerged. The monitoring and control is done by a micro-processor, it also looks at signal strength to make decisions for error codes. There are 4 error codes that alert you when the probes are (1) dirty and time to clean probes, (2) if one probe is not seeing another probe, (3) if the pump is cycling and (4) if pump has been pumping for more than an hour. The controller only needs probes cut to length, mounted and wired to your existing system.


  • Processor monitoring & controlled.
  • Liquid probe to probe conductive sensitivity 0.000008 Siemens or mhos.
  • Input electronic control voltage is 10 to 30 Volts AC or DC.
  • Low power consumption, 0.050 amps.
  • Output contacts (MOSFETs) rating, 120 volts AC (RMS) or DC at 3 amps resistive.
  • Surge protected outputs at 200 volts.
  • Probes are 304 stainless steel, 1/4 inch diameter, length is 29 inches standard custom lengths available.
  • Construction 2 inch PVC schedule 40.
  • Potting outside atop probes, Syguard 2 part.
  • Potting inside 2" coupling atop probes, Polycast 250 2 part.
  • Potting inside 2" coupling beneath strain relief, Polycast 159 2 part.
  • 6 feet of Tray cable with 18 AWG wire.
  • Adhesive heat shrink covered strain relief.
  • Conformal coated printed circuit board.
  • Water stilling tube with mounting hardware included.
  • Four error codes using a single LED.
  • Water proof.
  • Total length including electronic head & probes is 37 inches.
  • Customer cuts probe lengths to the level they require.
  • Operating temperatures -20 to +85 centigrade.
  • Used for seawater, potable water or sewage.
  • Not used for fuels, oils or distilled water.
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