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Signal Mate 3-Probe Pump Out Level Controller 10-30 Volts AC or DC - 3POUTLOW29

Brand: Signal Mate, Condition: New
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The 3-probe liquid level controller uses 2 probes that controls a single contact to energize or de-energize a solenoid or relay coil.

This pump-out will keep a tank empty using the black and white probes. The probes are cut by the customer and the level will stay between the black and white probes opening and closing a single contact to energize a solenoid or relay coil.

This is a 3-probe pump-out using 10-30 Volts AC or DC for the electronics control with standard 29 inch probe length. The controlled single contact controls a voltage from 0 to 120 volts AC or DC @ 3 amps max.

This level controller is an all in one unit with electronic control and probe head as one unit. Easy to install just determine level, cut the probes, mount the unit and run the cable to your systems wiring.

Includes stilling tube (2" PVC pipe), L-Brackets (galvanized steel 1/8") & hardware for installation.

The Error LED Indicator will let the maintance personnel when the signal strength between probes is low and time to clean the probes from build up.


  • Microprocessor level monitoring and output control.
  • Multi-ranging, micro-amp transmit/ receive signals, probe to probe.
  • Sensitivity 0.000008 Seimens.
  • Electronic Control Voltage 10 to30 Volts AC or DC.
  • Controlled MOSFET Contact Voltage 10 to 120 Volts AC or DC at 3 amps.
  • Contacts are MOSFET electronic switches rated at 3 amps.
  • Transient protected.
  • Delayed outputs to assure covered or un-covered conditions.
  • Completely sealed for harsh conditions.
  • 30 inch long 304 stainless steel probes, 316 optional.
  • Probes are cut to length by customer.
  • Optional probe and cable lengths, call for custom lengths.
  • Pump-in or pump-out is determined at time of purchase.
  • 2 inch PVC construction.
  • 6 feet of 18 AWG cable.
  • Operation & error LED indicator.
  • Tested -20C to +85C.
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
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