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Signal Mate Controller - Portable

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Signal Mate Controller - Portable

The Signal Mate is an automatic horn and light controller for when a vessel is in restricted visibility and needs to do the required U.S.C.G. sound signals.

This is the portable, which consist of an orange carrying bag, horn, 3NM anchor light and a flush mount controller. You can take on your dingy or use on your boat during restricted visibility.

The Signal Mate Controller allows the sailor a choice to use just their horn or a light or both in automatic or manual operation.

Automated – Signaling (sequences and intervals). Just push a button.

Dedicated – VHF hailer type radio cannot transmit while signaling.

Hands free – Allows attention to be focused on the chart plotter, radar, personnel and operation of the vessel while maintaining required signaling.

Synchronized – Light and horn to be seen and heard. The horn gives the general direction, and the light pinpoints the vessel’s position.

Easy – Pre-wired, self-contained (controller, horn, light, battery, charger, carry bag) portable unit.


Portable Restricted Visibility Auto Controller,  Model #: SM-P

Anchor Light Visibility: 3NM

Certified Anchor Light: USCG Certified, ABYC A-16, 72 COLREGS

LEDs: 1   Watts: 1   Color: Red   Led Driver: Constant Current, Varying Voltage

Boat type: Commercial, power, sailboat vessels.

Voltage Range: 10-30 VDC

Construction: Black Coated Anodized Aluminum.

Wiring: Terminal Block

Mounting: Portable

Parts Included: 12vdc electric horn with 10 feet of cable, 3nm anchor navigation light with 16 foot of cable, battery charger, 12v battery, controller and stow bag.

Warranty: 5 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty covering materials and workmanship.

Owners Manual