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Shop Now for SoltronSoltron® uses natural enzymes, nature’s most powerful catalyst, to redefine the molecular structure of gasoline and diesel, combining biotechnology with organic enzymes to improve fuel combustion. With improved combustion, toxic and harmful gases are reduced, abrasive carbon deposits are eliminated, and the knocks and pings than can wear out engines prematurely are eliminated. Fuel economy and performance are improved.

Soltron - The Original

Soltron® reduces harmful fuel contaminants that lower fuel lubricity and plug filters, including water, rust, sludge, bio mass, gums, resins and varnish, thus protecting fuel pumps and injectors from excessive wear.

Soltron® also fights fuel aging, assuring you that your engine will start and run perfectly whenever you need it. 

Soltron® acts to change the molecular structure of hydrocarbon molecules in fuel and improves the absorption of oxygen to produce a more complete combustion process. Soltron® contains no heavy metals or biocides and is completely harmless to engines and other mechanical components. Soltron® not only eliminates harmful contaminants, it improves engine efficiency, reduces exhaust emissions, reduces maintenance, and significantly lowers your fuel costs by improving fuel economy.

The Original Soltron in the Blue BottleSoltron® provides a variety of benefits for both “On Road” and “Off Road” fuels used in automotive, marine, stationary equipment or recreational vehicle engines. Soltron®  helps to eliminate water from your fuel system. Some sediments, such as rust, are caused by the presence of water in fuel. Soltron’s®  action of removing water helps minimize the formation of rust as well as organic sediment in fuel tanks. Soltron® also reduces asphaltenes which can add to fuel degradation.

Soltron’s® enzyme formula contains naturally powerful surfactants and dispersants.  Damaging fuel contaminants such as sludge and decaying biomass are broken down, losing their adhesion to tank surfaces. Fungi and mold are dispersed, enhancing the fuel filtration system’s efficiency.  The elimination of water and microbial contamination reduces corrosive attack on fuel tanks, pumps, and injectors and extends filter life.

Soltron® acts to neutralize and control the formation of sulfur oxides during combustion. This significantly reduces the incidence of sulfuric acid formation and the related corrosive effects on engine components. Soltron®’s enzyme formula weakens the structure of the hydrocarbon molecule in fuel to facilitate a faster reaction between carbon and oxygen during combustion. This results in a more complete combustion of fuel, lowering toxic particulates and gases.

During the long-term storage of fuels, oxidation, heat, and moisture can affect the fuel’s stability, leading to the formation of free radicals which are precursors to gums. These compounds cause sludge and harmful peroxides, and dramatically affect the fuel’s performance. Soltron® will stabilize the fuel’s composition, dramatically improving long-term storage and performance. fuel aging, assuring you that your engine will start and run perfectly whenever you need it.

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