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Spade Anchor Model S160 (1600 cm2) 77 Lbs. Galvanized Steel for Boats LOA < 75' - Disp. < 50,000 lbs.

Brand: Sea Tech and Fun, Condition: New
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Spade Anchor Model S160 (1600 cm2) 77 Lbs. Galvanized Steel for Boats LOA < 75' - Disp. < 50,000 lbs.

The SPADE Anchor, one of the truly great breakthrough designs to make its way into the marine industry in the last decade.  The anchor has been receiving great accolades in the boating pressworldwide.  This good press has been confirmed by boaters using the anchor in the realworld situations.

NavStore (Great Lakes Marine Specialties) is proud to make the anchor available to its North American customers by inventorying a number of these robust anchors, so that you, the boater, can spend more time boating and less time trying to figure out how to import this anchor to your location.

What is the SPADE Anchor all about?

The SPADE Anchor is a truly NEW and unique anchor design.  There have been many variations of the plow anchor and the fluke anchor marketed in North America, the popular brands of which we all know the names.

Plow shaped anchors are designed to plow the sea floor, as they move through it - hence their name. SPADE anchors by name, and by action,dig deeply into the sea floor. Once they are within the sea floor, the concave shape of SPADE anchors is designed to compact the sea floor, and thus not to move! This is what makes the design so unique!

The Manufacturer of the SPADE anchor never refers to an anchor's weight in its selection process, but rather to its effective surface area. The remarkable efficiency of a SPADE anchor is due to the size, and shape, of its effective surface : SPADE anchors of the same surface area will have the same holding power, no matter the material of which they are made.

The SPADE anchor is manufactured in three materials(Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel), and comes in a size for most boat up to mid-sized yachts. Hi-tensile steel versions are hot-dip galvanized. All SPADE anchors of the same size, regard less of the material they are made of, will work with the same efficiency.