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VDO AcquaLink NAV Sensor 360 - A2C59501981

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VDO AcquaLink NAV Sensor 360 - A2C59501981

VDO NMEA2000® NavSensor - The gem of all sensors is now available!

VDO AcquaLink Marine System
Maximum reliability and progressive technology in premium quality.

The multifunctional VDO AcquaLink NavSensor is truly the gem of all sensors. Its integrated 66 channel GPS module can track 22 satellites to provide accurate vessel speed, while the the inertial sensor provides pitch & roll (up and down) and YAW (sideways) motion data.

Compass readings can be displayed electronically, thanks to the fluxgate which also can be used for course corrections in autopilots and enables MARPA functionality on compatible chartplotters. The barometer and air temperature sensors provide current weather information.

NMEA2000® PGNs

  • Actual Pressure PGN 130314
  • Temperature,Extended Range PGN 130316
  • Vessel Heading PGN 127250
  • Environmental Parameters PGN 130311
  • Rate of Turn PGN 127251
  • Attitude PGN 127257
  • COG & SOG, Rapid Update PGN 129026
  • Position, Rapid Update PGN 129025
  • Local Time Offset PGN 129033
  • GNSS Position Data PGN 129029


  • IP67 protected
  • Connector: 5 pin M12
  • GPS Module: Position, time, boats vector, signal quality, satellites
  • Flux compass: +/- 40° tilt angle, < 2° accuracy, alarm (rapid field strength change, tilt angle overrun, under-voltage condition)
  • Barometer: Air pressure, air temperature inside the sensor
  • Air temperature: -20/+65°C
  • Inertial sensor: Resolution 1°/s, YAW - range 100°/s, linearity +/- 3°/s, Acceleration range 50m/s2, linearity +/- 1 m/s2,
  • Calculated heeling, pitch & roll - range +/- 50°

Components In the box:

  • Navsensor
  • Flat mount bracket
  • Pole mount bracket
  • Installation instruction
  • Mounting screws (not magnetic)
  • Warning Sticker

The NavSensor can be calibrated independently. Press and hold the rubber calibration button for more than 5 seconds; the LED will start flashing red. Initiate one 360 degree clockwise circle’ The LED will turn off; press the button and the LED will blink again. Complete one 360 degree counterclock circle. After completion the LED will blink green. The unit is now calibrated.

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