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Xaxero WeatherFax 2000 USB

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USB version discontinued by XAXERO - No longer available.

WeatherFax 2000
Xaxero’s WeatherFax 2000 is an easy-to-use hardware and software system that lets you receive free radio broadcast satellite weather facsimile (WEFAX) images and text weather data on PCs. A complete, cost effective weather system.

A robust work horse - This concept proven over 15 years as the top selling weather fax product. This durable epoxy coated microprocessor based demodulator now connects to a USB port.

This solution is recommended for those who want a reliable and durable solution that stands the test of time.

  • WeatherFax 2000 features direct software control for the most popular HF SSB radios.
  • It offers crisper images than the best dedicated weatherfax receiver by using a microprocessor in the demodulator (included) that frees your computer for other work.
  • Locate the station in your area quickly and easily by pointing at your region on the map. Extensive database of stations, times and frequencies.
  • On-line context-sensitive help for understanding and decoding weather maps and photographs.
  • Excellent tutorial. Sample sound clips pinpoint how to get the most out of your radio and weather maps.
  • Easily print pictures and maps in color or black and white.
  • Also decodes navigational telex (NAVTEX) and TELEX.


  • Allows for multi-tasking. You can let your computer do other tasks such as navigation while WeatherFax 2000 is gathering the weather information.
  • Unattended operation either by timer or by scheduler.
  • Windows™ standard Graphic User Interface.
  • On screen tuning indicator allows you to monitor incoming signals, adjust configuration and more while the weatherfax is being received.
  • Picture rolling, negative image and histogram equalization.
  • Supports fax tones 1500-2300 Hz and 600-900 Hz.
  • Supports FED / NAVTEX and Morse code up to 30 wpm.
  • Stores picture in Windows™ standard DIB format with 256 gray levels.
  • Stores text as ASCII files.
  • Clipboard support for image and text copying, printing and preview.
  • Integrated SQL Database for unattended fax scheduling.
  • Supports ICOM M802, M710, M700PRO, PCR100/1000, and LOWE HF150 radios via second COM port.

Minimum System Configuration:

• 386 20 MHz+ computer running Microsoft Windows™ 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP.
• SVGA graphics strongly recommended.
• Standard 9-pin RS232 serial port or USB port.
• 4MB on board memory required, 8MB for safer multitasking.
• Separate mouse as the graphics manipulation requires the use of a pointing device.
• SSB or Ham general coverage receiver or transceiver


    Audio to COM port cable with epoxy encapsulated demodulator that includes a stand-alone 8-bit microprocessor digitizing signal at up to 2560 bytes per second.  All signal processing is done off-line minimizing machine load. The data is downloaded via standard 9-pin RS232 serial port or USB port that also supplies the power to the demodulator.  Sound Card edition includes an audio with galvanic isolator.


    WeatherFax 2000 is written in Microsoft C++™ and thus integrates itself seamlessly into the Windows™ environment.  The system has been rigorously tested on a wide variety of different manufacturer’s machines.

Documentation and On Line Help:

    The power of Windows™ help is used to the fullest here.  The context sensitive help not only explains every corner of the program but also has an in-depth guide to the World of Weather Fax.  Point to the area of water you are sailing in and see the fax stations for that area listed along with their frequencies and schedules.  In some cases, there are editorial notes from sailors who have used the stations.  If you have a sound card, you can listen to clips from fax transmissions to help you identify the various tones to assist you to tune your radio.

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