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Zinnos NMEA Buffer / Splitter – ZNR-208B (2-8ch)

Brand: Zinnos, Condition: New

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Zinnos NMEA Buffer / Splitter – ZNR-208B (2-8ch)

NMEA Buffer, ZNR-208B Smart 8ch NMEA Buffer is high reliable and high performance. This NMEA Buffer has 2 input ports and one input port sends the received signal into 8 NMEA-0183 output ports.
In case of using 2 GPS receivers, if one GPS signal is lost, it automatically(or manually) selects another GPS signal, and maintains to output without any system faults. Hence ZNR-208B is very useful for safety navigation with protecting system faults.
ZNR-208B receives most type of serial data such as RS422(NMEA-0183), RS232, 5V TTL signal. Also ZNR-208B has both high voltage protection and reverse input protection
2 NMEA-0183 outputs are selectable for RS422 or RS232 type.
1. Specifications

1) Standard  NMEA-0183, ISO/ IEC61162-1, ITU-X.27V.11

2) Inputs  NMEA-0183 input ports(RS422, RS232, 5V TTL signal acceptable) Automatic or Manual change selectable and Primary, Secondary input port selectable

3) Outputs  8 NMEA-0183 Output Ports

2 ports(Port #7 & #8) are changeable to RS232 or 5V TTL

4) Power  DC 24V (DC 18~32V) Electronic Fuse, No replacement. Over voltage input signal, output port short protection
2. Options

Power Option  DC 12V(DC 8~16V)
– In case of any other specifications, please contact us.
– This specifications may be changed without any notifications.



Zinnos NMEA Buffer / Splitter – ZNR-208B (2-8ch) Datasheet (ZNR-208B-br-e15.pdf, 327 Kb) [Download]

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