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Zinnos ZNR-214 Intelligent NMEA Buffer (Splitter/Expander)

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Zinnos ZNR-214 Intelligent NMEA Buffer (Splitter/Expander)

The Intelligent NMEA Buffer, ZNR-214 is a high reliable Serial Data Buffer (distributor/splitter) for relaying serial data such NMEA0183 (IEC61162-1) from 2 signal talkers to 14 listeners. 

Basically the ZNR-214 is used for single 14ch NMEA buffer with automatic/manual switching, or dual (2) 7ch NMEA buffers. The ZNR-214 has extended functions such multiplexing 2 inputs, error sentence checking and baudrate converting. 

This is very useful for interfacing most shipboard navigation and communication equipments using NMEA0183 data with each others. This ZNR-214 Intelligent NMEA buffer is designed
to consider high reliability and IEC61162-1, IEC60945 standard.


Input :

  • NMEA0183 2 input ports. Galvanic isolation between each 2 input data, main circuits and input power. Supports up to very high speed (115,200 bps). NMEA0183(IEC61162-1) standard compliance. Over voltage input protection (up to ±35V).

Output :

  • RS422 12 output ports. Up to 115,200 bps support. ±10kV ESD protection, Slew-rate limited transmitters for minimize EMI. Short circuit protection.
  • RS232 2 output ports. Up to 115,200 bps support. Short circuit protection.

Basic Mode :

  • Single Buffer - Single 2 inputs and 14 outputs NMEA Buffer. One data of two inputs is selected automatically or manually for output. Auto switching time selectable (3sec or 6sec). 
  • Dual Buffer - Two NMEA Buffers (Divided into 2 buffers as A and B group). Each NMEA Buffer has 1 input and 7 outputs (6 RS422 and 1 RS232).

Extended Mode : Supports both Single and Dual Buffer including followings.

  • Error check - Error check of NMEA Sentence, error sentence is discarded. Support both Single Buffer and Dual Buffer mode.
  • Multiplex - Multiplex (Combine) 2 NMEA input and send it to all 14 output ports. Selectable NMEA error checking & sentence filtering.

Limits of extended mode - Support NMEA0183 data only. For binary data, use Basic mode.

  • A group (IN-1, Out 1~7) supports 4,800bps only.
  • B group (IN-2, Out 8~14) supports 4,800~19,200bps, selectable by DIP SW. 

Power : Input Voltage DC24V (18~32V), Approximately 0.2A. Fuse Electronic fuse, no replace required.

Physical specifications : Size 193mm(H) x 138.5mm(V) x 48.5mm(H) (See below drawing). Weight Approximately 1.0kg. Terminal Screw type terminal blocks. 

Options : (Contact us)
- DC12V
- NMEA Filter

* This specifications may be changed without any notifications.