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Zinnos ZNR-416 16ch NMEA-0183 Buffer

Brand: Zinnos, Condition: New

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Zinnos ZNR-416 4-16ch NMEA-0183 Buffer / Splitter

ZNR-416 is a Smart NMEA buffer has 4 inputs and 16 outputs, and world’s first product what is be used as 1 or 2 or 4 units. It is very suitable for where one big Buffer of many output ports, or two or more buffers are required at same time.

Basically, it has following three user selectable operation modes:

  1. 1 Unit x 16 Outputs Buffer
  2. 2 Units x 8 Outputs Buffers
  3. 4 Units x 4 Outputs Buffers

It has user selectable autoswitching capabilities between inputs. If one input signal is lost then ZNR-416 selects another input signal automatically (or manually) and it is able to maintain to output without system error.

It was designed for considering high reliability and in accordance with IEC61162-1/2, IEC60945 standard.

Specifications *

Input Signal :

  • - 4 Input Ports
  • - Galvanic Isolation.
  • - Supports up to 115,200bps
  • - Selectable Auto/Manual switching by using External Switch.
  • - Selectable Primary/Secondary Input by using External Switch.

Output Signal :

  • - 16 Output Ports
  • - Galvanic Isolation of Each output group.
  • - Supports up to 115,200bps
  • - 8ch Output Ports support RS232/RS422/TTL Signal (Jumper selectable)

Display :

  • - Red LED : Input Power
  • - 4 Green LED : Input Data status of Each Input port

Protection :

  • - Input port : Over Voltage Protection (36V 1min)
  • - Output port : Over Current and Surge Voltage Protection
  • - Input Power : Reverse Input and Over Current Protection

Input Power :

  • - DC 24V (18 ~ 32V), Approximately 0.5A
  • - Electronic Fuse, No Replacement Required
  • - DC 12V (Option - Notifiy us at time or order)

Temperature :

  • - -15°C~+55°C ( -59℉~131℉)

Power : Input Voltage DC24V (18~32V), Approximately 0.2A. Fuse Electronic fuse, no replace required.

Dimension/Weight :

  • - 208 x 152 x 46.5 mm / 1.5 kg (7.6 x 5.5 x 1.9 in / 2.2 lb)

 * This specification may be changed without any notifications.

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