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About NMEA 2000 Cables and Connectors

About NMEA 2000® Cables and ConnectorsShow Maretron Cables and Connectors Here

The NMEA 2000® standard goes beyond defining message content and includes requirements for the cabling used to interconnect electronic components (referred to as the physical interface). NavStore carries the full line of Maretron NMEA 2000® approved network interconnect components used to build an operational network.

About Micro, Mid and Mini Cable Systems

There are three types of NMEA 2000® cabling systems, Micro, Mid and Mini. The Micro/Mid cable system is generally used for smaller networks requiring less power (i.e., less than 4 amps per network leg) while the Mini cable system is used for larger networks (i.e., more than 4 amps but less than 8 amps per leg).


Micro/Mid cable system for networks

Micro/Mid cable system for networks requiring less than
4 amps per network leg. (See above diagram)


Mini NMEA 2000 Network Example (Maretron)

 Mini cable system for networks requiring more than 4 amps but,
less than 8 amps per network leg. (See above diagram)

Maretron NMEA 2000® Cable Features

 • Simple trunk and drop line topology interconnects all NMEA 2000® equipment

 • Drop line topology allows powered component removal or re-connection while rest of network remains operational

 • Cable includes power and ground for powering equipment drawing less than 1 amp/device

 • Connectors include keys and keyways for simple error free connections

 • Screw thread connectors reduce chances of accidental disconnects of essential equipment

 • Waterproof connection system prevents corroded intermittent connections and continues to operate even while submerged in the bilge

 • Three independent cable shields (power pair, signal pair, and overall cable) protects system from external noise sources such as high power radio transmitters and radar units

 • Nickel plated brass connector ends ideally suited to harsh marine environment

 • Phosphor bronze contact base material with gold over nickel plate for reliable connections

 • Over molded cable connector ends provide strain relief

 • Simple easy to use diagnostic components enable trained and untrained personnel to diagnose and troubleshoot network installations