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Engine Monitoring Interface

Looking for a way to bring your older analog engine(s) online.  The devices below allows you to connect them to your current engine gauges and or senders. They convert this information to NMEA 2000 protocols.  These NMEA 2000 only devices are powered off of the NMEA 2000 network.  If you want to install one of these NMEA 2000 engine monitors you will need a NMEA 2000 backbone for power supply and data communication.  A sample of a NMEA Starter Backbone can be seen by clicking here. 

If you already have a NMEA 2000 backbone you will only need a cable of proper length and a tee to attached the Engine Monitoring Device to your backbone.  Before ordering, it is recommended that you check to make sure your display device, whether a chart plotter, navigation software or other, has the capability to display the engine information.  Keep in mind that a computer is required to do the initial calibration of these NMEA Engine Monitoring Interfaces.

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