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Coastal Explorer Navigation Software - Rose Point Navigation CEX-011-P - Ver 4.0

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Coastal Explorer Navigation Software CEX-0110P - Rose Point Navigation

Coastal Explorer™ is a sophisticated, full-featured, easy-to-use navigation software package designed specifically for the pleasure boater.

With support for more charts and chart formats than any other recreational navigation system, advanced route planning features, integrated gazetteer and guide books, virtual instrument display, and obstacle alerts, Coastal Explorer will help you make your next cruise safer and more enjoyable.

Windows 10 and Coastal Explorer

Coastal Explorer works great as Windows 10 "desktop" apps. 


The gazetteer includes millions of places in the US, Canada, and Mexico and more countries are available. You can find any of these places on the chart by simply entering a name into the Search Box on the toolbar!

Guide Book information is tightly integrated into Coastal Explorer's charts. Sailing directions from the US Coast Pilot® and NGA Enroute for Canada and Mexico are included. Many other guide book add-ons, including the Atlantic Cruising Club's Guides to Marinas and ActiveCaptain, are also available.

Coastal Explorer's Guide Book also includes photos from all over the world via Panoramio.



Coastal Explorer makes it easy to plan your next cruising adventure with features like multi-level undo, powerful route manipulation tools, and route obstacle detection.

Coastal Explorer uses documents instead of a hidden database to keep track of all of your routes, waypoints, boundary areas, and other marks so you can organize them however you want. You can even share them with your friends using e-mail or a USB Flash Drive!



Coastal Explorer can predict tide levels and tidal currents at all official US stations and many Canadian stations. Tide predictions are presented in easy to read graphs along with daily high, low, and slack water times.

Weather forecasts are presented in both text and graphical formats and are easily downloaded when you have Internet access. Current weather conditions are also displayed when available.

Current graph
Cruise mode thumbInterface Options 
Coastal Explorer can use and display information from your GPS, heading sensor, depth sounder, autopilot, water speed and temperature sensors, wind and weather instruments, RADAR, and AIS receiver. Most NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000® interfaces are supported.


Navigation is made easier with Coastal Explorer's full-screen Cruise Mode which replaces the standard Windows menus and toolbars with big buttons that are much easier to use while underway.

Split the screen into two, three, or four charts with a single key or button press. There's no need to resize or rearrange windows; Coastal Explorer takes care of it for you!

Orient the chart with North Up, Heading Up, or Course Up and let Coastal Explorer automatically scroll the chart to keep your boat centered or near the edge so you can see more of what's ahead.

Voice Alerts are used to warn you of waypoint arrivals, depths out of range, and even charted obstacles along your path!

Virtual Instrument panels show you information from your electronics in large, easy to see displays. Coastal Explorer includes an analog compass with waypoint arrow, analog wind, cross track error, and rudder angle displays, depth and temperature graphs, and many digital display options.



Use the Ship's Log to keep track of your voyages and even share them with friends and family back home. Coastal Explorer provides you with three separate log books; one for notes, one that's private, and one that you can share as a "blog" on the Internet.

Ships log
Chart Compatibility 
Use charts from NOAA, the US Army Corps of Engineers, Canadian Hydrographic Services, Jeppesen C-MAP, and more.
Chart formats


Coastal Explorer lets you choose the types of charts you want to use. A complete set of US Charts in both raster and vector formats is included, and Coastal Explorer helps you keep your charts up-to-date by automatically downloading updates when they are available.

With chart quilting, there's no need to figure out which charts to open. Just zoom in and out and scroll around and the right charts will appear seamlessly quilted together.

With support for more charts and chart formats than any other recreational navigation system, route planning features with multi-level undo capability, integrated gazetteer and guide books, virtual instrument display, and obstacle alerts, Coastal Explorer will help you make your next cruise safer and more enjoyable.


  • Includes a Complete Set of US Charts in both Raster and Vector Formats
  • Fast and Clear Raster Chart Drawing
  • Elegant Vector Chart Presentation
  • Compatible with Many Electronic Chart Formats
  • Quilt Vector, Raster, and Photo Charts Together Seamlessly


  • Multi-level Undo and Redo
  • Powerful Searching
  • ETA Calculator
  • Integrated Gazetteer, Coast Pilot®, Sailing Directions, and other Guide Books
  • Route Obstacle Checking
  • Integrated Weather Forecasts
  • Tide Level and Tidal Current Predictions
  • Import Routes Created with Other Programs


  • Compatible with most GPS Receivers and Auto Pilots
  • Customizable Full-Screen Cruising Mode
  • Virtual Instrument Displays
  • Voice Alerts
  • Charted Obstacle Detection
  • AIS and MARPA Target Display
  • Day, Twilight, and Night Modes


  • Interfaces with NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000® equipment
  • Works with industry standard BSB, S-57, and S-63 chart formats
  • Imports and exports routes and waypoints in many different formats
  • Works with GPS receivers, speed-logs, electronic compasses, depth sounders, AIS receivers and transponders, wind and weather sensors, and many more devices.
  • Can be upgraded to a full Multi-Function Display with Radar, Fish Finder, and Engine Monitor


Coastal Explorer Navigation Software - Rose Point Navigation CEX-011-P - Ver 4.0




  • Display raster charts
  • Display vector charts
  • Chart Portfolio management tools
  • Automatic chart updates
  • Seamless “quilted” chart display
  • North-Up, Heading-Up, Course-Up and arbitrary chart orientation
  • Document based route and mark management
  • Advanced voyage planning tools
  • Unlimited routes
  • Unlimited waypoints
  • Unlimited range/bearing lines
  • Unlimited boundary circles, lines, and areas with alarms
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Simulated Navigation (“dead reckoning” mode)
  • Superior route manipulation tools
  • Route obstacle detection
  • GPS Navigation
  • Transfer routes, marks, and tracks to/from GPS and other programs
  • GPX file import and export
  • Record tracks and events
  • Scaled vessel display (for own-ship and AIS targets)
  • Powerful searching
  • Unit conversion calculator
  • Integrated US Coast Pilot information
  • Coastal Explorer Network Community Guide Book
  • ActiveCaptain Interactive Cruising Guidebook
  • Tide and Current Predictions
  • Text Weather Forecasts
  • Graphical Weather Forecasts
  • GRIB File Display
  • Wether radar display
  • Data Buoy and METAR Weather Observations
  • NAVTEX Message Display (requires NAVTEX receiver)
  • Online Ship’s Log
  • Split screen configurations
  • Save customized screen configurations for quick access
  • Day, Dusk, and Night Display Modes
  • Customizable instrumentation display
  • Analog-style and digital instrument displays
  • Full Screen options
  • Supports multiple GPS receivers and other sensors with priorities and automatic fail-over
  • Autopilot control
  • Depth sounder support
  • Wind and weather sensor support
  • AIS Vessel Display
  • AIS Dead-Reckoning
  • RADAR Target Display
  • DSC Position Report Display
  • Buddy tracking with proximity alerts
  • Radar overlay option
  • Video camera support
  • Integrated Help system
  • Integrated marine glossary and abbreviations
  • Product support via email
  • Online support forum
  • Telephone support line


Chart Compatibility

  • Rose Point Charts for British Columbia
  • US Army Corps of Engineers IENC
  • Admiralty AVCS
  • Canadian Hydrographic Service Digital Charts
  • NV. Charts
  • ENC (S-57/S-63)
  • BSB Versions 1-5
  • Maptech RML and PCX
  • SoftChart and PhotoChart

Device Compatibility


  • NMEA 0183 and NMEA 0183-HS
  • NMEA 2000 ® via Rose Point Nemo Gateway, Actisense NGT-1, or Maretron USB-100
  • Garmin Binary Interface (serial and USB)
  • Standard PC Communications (COM) Port
  • Raw NMEA 0183 over TCP or UDP port


  • DirectShow compatible video sources
  • AXIS Network Video Cameras and Servers
  • Linksys Wireless Network Video Cameras
  • Standard MotionJPEG compatible network video sources


  • NMEA 0183 NAVTEX Interface
  • Raw NAVTEX
  • NASA Marine PC Navtex USB

System Requirements

  • PC with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • 500 MB or more available hard drive space (actual requirements depend on installation options)
  • DVD-ROM drive or internet access for program and chart installation
  • Super VGA (800×600) or higher resolution monitor, 1024×768 or higher is recommended
  • NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, or Garmin compatible GPS and/or other marine electronics with an appropriate PC interface
  • Internet access required for some features


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