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Noland Engineering AM43 NMEA 0183 Hi-speed Multiplexer - USB

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Noland AM43 NMEA 0183 USB Multiplexer

The Noland AM43 Multiplexer combines up to four NMEA 0183 instruments (talkers) into multiple NMEA 0183 outputs. It  supports both standard and high speed baud rates, 4800-38,400 for full AIS compatibility. Three outputs are provided, a low speed output (OUT) at 4800 baud, a hi-speed output (OUTh) at 38,400 baud, and a TLK output for PC generated data. The outputs normally go to NMEA listeners such as a radar, chartplotter, or repeater. A multicolor status LED shows data flow and error conditions.

A USB computer interface is also included. This interface receives all of the combined data from the instruments but can also send data back to the instruments, which will appear at the TLK port of the Noland AM43. This can be used for downloading waypoints, sending steering commands, error monitoring and more.

Installation of the Noland AM43 is simple. All connections to instruments are made via a terminal strip. The unit begins operating as soon as power is applied. No initialization or setup is required. The USB connector provides 2-way data communication to/from a computer. The Noland AM43 may be operated either with or without the USB connection. Some configuration options are user programmable (see Appendix A).

To assist in installation and troubleshooting, a multicolor LED is located the top left rear of the Noland AM43. The LED will flicker green when valid NMEA sentences are being received on any of the four inputs. The LED glows red when valid NMEA sentences are received from the USB interface. It will flashes yellow for a half-second if an error is detected, and simultaneously send an error identification sentence to the PC output (USB).





Noland AM43 Technical Specifications


  •  Supply Current 50 mA. max

  • Input Drive Voltage 2-14 V (Active State)

  • Input Impedance 1K Ohms (Min.)

  • OUTh Output drive 4V Differential (RS-422)

  • Output drive (OUT, TLK) 4V, 50 mA. (max)

  • INh/OUTh baud rate 4800 – 38,400 (selectable)

  • Size 3.5" x 2.4" x 0.9"

  • Weight 6 oz.

  • Made in the USA



Noland AM43 Data Sheet (AM43DS_010510.pdf, 733 Kb) [Download]

Noland AM43 Manual (AM43fullpage.pdf, 115 Kb) [Download]