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Oceanic Systems 3271 Sender Averaging Module - 3271-SAM2

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Oceanic Systems 3271 NMEA2000® Sender Averaging Module

The Oceanic Systems 3271-SAM Sender Averaging Module solves the problem of innaccurate tank level gauge readings caused by the tank contents moving to the aft of a long tank when the boat is in a bows up attitude whilst under power.

The module calculates a mathematical average of two tank senders mounted in the tank and outputs that result in a standard Tank Level PGN 127505 so that all attached displays display the average value of the tank level.

The unit is designed to greatly simplify installation with NO user setup or calibration required and NO display menus to struggle through. Simply set the Device Instance switch on the front of the unit to the required Tank Instance and the unit takes care of everything else.

The 3271-SAM signals if either sender is missing or has detected water in the tank so that the user can be confident of the quality of the readings.

It is fully waterproof to IP67 and ruggedly constructed in an aluminium frame for years of reliable and accurate service.

The unit comes with a detailed User Manual and is certified to the NMEA2000 network standard 

  • Maintains accurate tank level displays for long tanks when the boat is moving or stopped
  • Calculates the average of 2 x 3271 Fuel Tank Senders
  • High Accuracy
  • Robust Aluminium Construction
  • Easy to install just plug on to the network
  • Switch settable Device Instance
  • No complicated menu setups required
  • NMEA2000® Certified

3271 NMEA2000® Sender Averaging Module User Manual (3271SAM-UM.pdf, 833 Kb) [Download]

3271 NMEA2000® Sender Averaging Module Data Sheet (3271SAM-DS.pdf, 301 Kb) [Download]

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