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Oceanic Systems Fresh Water Deck Gauge NMEA2000® / PLC - 5250-W

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Oceanic Systems Fresh Water Deck Gauge NMEA2000® / PLC - 5250-W

The Oceanic Systems Deck Gauge provides an accurate and clear display of the tank level right at the point of filling. It is designed to be installed near to the tank filler to help avoid refuelling spills and prevent water pollution incidents.

It has a clear blue LED digital display that automatically dims at night to preserve night vision mounted in an attractive stainless steel bezel that is easy to install.

The unit is designed to work with either a standard NMEA2000® network or with a 0-10V PLC output so it can be installed on virtually every vessel monitoring system.

It is certified to the NMEA2000® standard and constructed to meet the IEC60945 standard.

The unit is available as the 5250-F for Fuel and the 5250-W for freshwater tanks

  • Key Features
  • Displays tank level at the point of filling
  • Digital display to 1%
  • Auto dimming at night
  • NMEA2000® & PLC 0-10V Interface
  • Waterproof to IP68


  • PGN 059904 ISO Request
  • PGN 060928 Address Claim
  • PGN 127505 Fluid Level


  • PGN 059392 Acknowledgement
  • PGN 060928 Address Claim

Offshore Systems N2K Rudder Angle Adapter - 3165 User Manual (3165-User-Manual.pdf, 1,420 Kb) [Download]

Offshore Systems N2K Rudder Adapter - 3165 Datashieet (3165-Data-Sheet.pdf, 295 Kb) [Download]

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