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Actisense A2K-TER-U Smart Universal Micro Terminator

Actisense A2K-TER-U Smart Universal Micro Terminator


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Actisense A2K-TER-U Smart Universal Micro Terminator

Universal in-line NMEA 2000 terminator.

Introducing the world’s first intelligent universal in-line terminator.

Terminate your NMEA 2000 network – regardless whether a male or female connection is required – and use the TER-U’s smart functionality to easily diagnose any power or voltage issues on your NMEA 2000 bus.

The TER-U can be fitted directly at the end of your network or used as an in-line terminator in difficult to access locations.

The TER-U acts as an intelligent diagnostic terminator which provides instant feedback as to the state of the NMEA 2000 bus onboard. It is also a universal terminator which can be used as an in-line terminator or else as either a Male or Female terminator, as it comes supplied with blanking caps.

It has a built-in high accuracy voltage monitoring circuit which continuously monitors the bus voltage, and will illuminate its internal LEDs when it detects that the bus voltage is of the correct polarity. If it detects that the voltage is within the minimum required range, it will indicate ‘GREEN’ immediately, providing continuous valuable feedback as to the state of the bus.

If the voltage falls below the minimum required level of 9.0V, then the LED’s will  illuminate ‘RED’, showing there is a potential problem with the NMEA 2000 bus power. Similarly, if the LED’s do not illuminate at all, this would indicate that there was no power or that the polarity was incorrect. This monitoring function happens continuously and remains permanent.

Because these terminators are illuminated, they instantly provide feedback that the terminator is actually present (i.e. able to identify that there are two terminators present) – especially helpful in difficult-to-reach locations.

This smart universal micro-terminator can be used as either a male or female terminator or even as a feed through terminator for applications at the top of masts, making it truly universal.