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Quark-Elec Active VHF Splitter (for AIS receivers) - QK-A015-RX

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Quark-Elec Active VHF Splitter (for AIS receivers) - QK-A015-RX

  • The QK-A015-RX Active AIS-VHF Antenna Splitter allows one VHF antenna to be shared between VHF and AIS devices:
    • VHF radio (reception and transmission)
    • AIS receiver and (reception)
    • AM/FM radio (reception)
  • VHF/AIS Gain (typically 12dB) maximizes AIS receivers’ range
  • Straight forward connection (no configuration required)
  • Low power consumption.


The QK-A015-RX AIS-VHF Antenna Splitter allows one VHF antenna to be shared between,
  1. VHF radio
  2. AIS receiver and
  3. AM/FM radio

The A015-RX  allows the one VHF antenna to provide the following functions:

  • Reception of VHF radio, AIS messages and AM/FM radio
  • Transmission from VHF radio
  • Straight forward connection to the relevant devices

The A015-RX is an active splitter. This is important, as unlike many splitters that cause signal loss, the active splitters actually provide a signal gain. The A015-RX’s built-in pre-amplifier amplifies the AIS, VHF, AM/FM signals, thereby increasing the AIS receiver range.

A015-RX VHF antenna splitter Diagram

The A015-RX has five connections:
• Power cable: connect to 12V-24V DC power
• VHF Antenna: SO239 connector for VHF antenna
• VHF radio: SO239 connector for VHF radio
• AIS: BNC connector for the output of the AIS signal
• FM/AM: BNC connector for the output of the FM/AM radio signal


  • 12V-24V powered, low power consumption
  • Uses standard SO239 connector for VHF and antenna connections
  • Typical VHF/AIS Gain 12dB
  • Built-in preamplifier providing VHF/AIS signal gain maximizes receivers’ range
  • LED power and status indicator
  • Compact & easy to install
  • VHF failsafe function – in the unlikely case of Splitter power loss or failure, the VHF radio remains functional, as VHF radio has full priority.

Fully compatible with all AIS receivers and will maximize their performance.

Please note: The A015-RX is compatible with AIS receivers, not AIS transponders/transceivers. If you require an AIS Splitter for an AIS transponder/transceiver you will require the A015-TX (not the A015-RX).

What’s included?

  • 1 x QK-A015-RX
  • 1 x BNC to BNC cable
  • 1 x CD containing Manuals, Configuration Software and drivers
  • 1 x Setup Guidebook

QK-A015-RX Basic Setup Overview (QK-A015-RX_Setup_Guide.pdf, 352 Kb) [Download]

QK-A015 Manual Detailed technical specifications. (QK-A015-RX_manual.pdf, 362 Kb) [Download]

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