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Quark-Elec NMEA Protocol Bridge - QK-AS03

Brand: Quark-Elec (UK), Condition: New
10 days
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Quark-Elec NMEA Protocol Bridge - QK-AS03

Converts NMEA 0183 RSS422 signals to RS232 and visa-versa

Connects Quark-elec (or other) NMEA 0183 RS422 products to older chart plotters or sensors (including some older Garmin/Raymarine/Standard Horizon devices).



QK-AS03 Protocol Bridge enables the connection of Quark-elec (or other) NMEA 0183 RS422 products to older RS232 chart plotters or sensors (including older Garmin/Raymarine/Standard Horizon devices).

Converts NMEA 0183 RSS422 to RS232 and visa -versa.

The AS03 solves the issue of how to convert the balanced signal output by NMEA 0183 RS422 products to the unbalanced signal required by older NMEA 0183 RS 232 instruments and chart plotters.


· RS232 to RS422 signal conversion

· RS422 to RS232 signal conversion

· Provides instant compatibility between Quark-elec products and older plotters and instruments using the older RS232 protocol.

· Simple ‘Plug ‘n’ Play’ connection

· No setup/configuration needed

Example Connection – How to convert NMEA 0183 RS 422 to RS232 and convert RS 232 to RS422.

What’s Included ?

1 x QK-AS03 module.

Straight forward setup. No drivers, configuration or extra setup required.


Quark-Elec QK-AS03 Manual (QK-AS03_application_note.pdf, 290 Kb) [Download]

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