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SOLTRON - Enzyme Fuel Treatment Case of 12 - 16 oz (500ml) Bottles

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SOLTRON - Enzyme Fuel Treatment  Case of 12 - 16 oz (500ml) Bottles

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SOLTRON™ - Enzyme Fuel Treatment  Case of 12 - 16 oz (500ml) Bottles

Soltron™ is safe and beneficial for use in Gasoline, Diesel, Biodiesel and Heavy Fuel Oils.   It works to keep your engine running better, while reducing environmental pollutants. It does not contain any Biocides, Alcohols, Heavy Metals or added Chemicals.


  • Improves Economy
  • Reduces Emissions
  • Increases Power
  • Removes Sludge
  • Cleans Injectors
  • Stops Knocking
  • Eliminates Bacteria
  • Removes Moisture

Soltron™ acts to change the molecular structure of hydrocarbon molecules in fuel and improves the absorbability of oxygen to produce a more complete combustion process. Soltron™ contains no heavy metals or biocides and is completely harmless to engines and other mechanical components. Soltron™ not only eliminates harmful contaminants, it improves engine efficiency, reduces exhaust emissions, reduces maintenance and significantly lowers your fuel costs by improving fuel economy. 

Soltron™ provides a variety of benefits for both "On Road" and "Off Road" fuels used in automotive, marine, stationary equipment or recreational vehicle engines. Soltron™ helps to eliminate water from your fuel system. Some sediments such as rust are caused by the presence of water in fuel. Soltron's™ action of removing water helps minimize the formation of non-organic sediment in fuel tanks. Soltron's™ enzymes feed on microorganisms or fungi in fuel and prevents bacteria formation and growth at the fuel/water interface and this troublesome contaminant is destroyed. 

Soltron™ acts to neutralize and control the formation of sulfur oxides during combustion. This significantly reduces the incidence of sulfuric acid formation and the related corrosive effects on engine components. Soltron's™ enzymes weaken the structure of the hydrocarbon molecule in fuel to facilitate the reaction of carbon and oxygen during combustion. This results in a more complete combustion of fuel, restricting the formation of carbon residue and particulates.

Gums and resins can form in fuel during storage due to oxidation of products within the fuel. Soltron™ helps to stabilize fuel, restricts the separation and oxidation process and limits fuel degradation.

Soltron™ is a fuel enhancing agent.  For maximum effects and value, use Soltron™ in every tank at the rate of approximately one ml per gallon (there are 30 mls per ounce). Soltron™ is pure fuel and will not hurt any engine if overdosed. 

16 oz. bottle:  Treats up to 500 gallons.  Each red line indicates approximately one ounce, or 30 mls.  Remove cap and tamperproof foil liner.  Pour one ounce into tank for every thirty gallons of fuel.  Effects can be felt in as little as thirty minutes. 

Special Performance Notes

Smog testing: Soltron™ may be used to pass cars and trucks subject to emissions testing.  For most automobiles, regular use of Soltron™ will be sufficient to keep them within their acceptable range.  If a vehicle fails, or is expected to fail, run two tanks of Soltron™ treated fuel through the vehicle at freeway speeds, then before the test, add one full 16 oz. bottle of Soltron™ one day before the test.  Always test vehicle at full temperature.

Vehicle tank cleanup and rejuvenating stale gasoline:Soltron™ is a powerful fuel tank and fuel system cleaner.  It will also improve stale gasoline. (Up to six months old) Add one 16 oz. bottle of Soltron™ for every 100 gallons of old gasoline or tank capacity to any contaminated tank and allow to sit overnight.  You can now use the fuel.  Always monitor fuel filters during the first few days after a double dose. 

Rejuvenating old diesel fuel: Treat old or contaminated diesel fuel at the rate of 16 ounces per 250 gallons.  Circulate for two to three days.  Allow the fuel to settle, and remove any water off the bottom of the tank.  Diesel fuel is ready to use.

Cautionary Notice

Soltron™ is a powerful dispersant and may loosen heavy accumulations of sludge, including deposits caused by overuse of other fuel additives.  Fuel filters may require servicing when first using Soltron in contaminated fuel.



Physical Specifications


Gravity, API at 60ºF (D-287)


Specific Gravity at 60ºF


Sulfur, PPM


Liquid Density, 6.700lbs/gal@60.00ºF




Bulk Density


Composition Vol.%Aromatics


Pour Point, (variable range)


Distillation, ºF (D-86) IBP

394 (201.1ºC)

Color (D-156) Clear & Colorless



411 (210.6ºC)

Kauri-Butanol Value (D-1133)


Dry Point

490 (254.4ºC)

Aniline Point, ºF (D611)

166 (74.4ºC)

Kg. per Liter, 60ºF (15.4ºC)


Acidity of Distillation Residue (D-1093)


Pounds per Gal., 60ºF (15.6ºC)


NFPA, (blend) Health -0 Reactivity -0

Flammability 1-2

Enzyme Concentrate, Proprietary


Flash, ºF (D-56)

165 (73.9ºC)



FAQ page

1. Who is the manufacturer of Soltron®?
Starbrite manufactures  Soltron®, Xbee® and StarTron® under license Agreement with GTR Incorporated.

2. What benefits can be expected from using Soltron®?

  • Reduce emissions
  • Improve performance
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Remove sludge and moisture
  • Clean injectors and fuel tank
  • Disperse bacteria and mold
  • Stop knocking and pinging
  • Remove carbon deposits
  • Increase storage life

3. Who developed the Soltron® Formula?

Dr. Shinji Makino, an MD and specialist in water chemistry and botany, lead a group of scientists in developing the Soltron® formula.  After discovering that an unidentified component found in some plants contained bioactive elements which could improve hydrocarbon fuels, Dr. Makino spent over a decade developing a working fuel additive formula based on the enzymes and other elements found in these plants.

4. How does Soltron® work?

Soltron® restructures hydrocarbon molecules, facilitating better atomization and a faster, more complete combustion process.  By accelerating the hydrogen bond oscillation rate in water, the surface tension is reduced, allowing super fine water droplets and microscopic sludge particles to be dispersed slowly and safely during engine operation.  These processes improve engine efficiency and reduce maintenance.

5.  Is the price of Soltron® competitive?

Soltron® is used at 4,000:1, which makes its initial treat cost per gallon one of the lowest in the industry. Soltron® increases engine efficiency and greatly reduces maintenance; therefore the fuel additive is easily paid for in fuel and maintenance cost savings.

6. Will Soltron® voids my warranty?

No, Soltron® is registered with the US EPA under the “substantially similar” rule, (40 CFR 79.21), meaning the fuel additive contains only hydrocarbons, and therefore can be used in all commerce.  (NOTE: Aviation fuels are not covered by this regulation)

7. Why will Soltron® be different than any other fuel treatment I have used before?

Soltron® offers more benefits than conventional fuel additives, and just one product at one dose ratio works in all types of fuels:  Gasoline, diesel, heating oil, biodiesel, and bunker oil.  Soltron® is as effective as most cleaning chemical additives yet is safe if overdosed. Soltron® is far more effective in improving combustion then other additive technologies.

8. Is Soltron® used with other additives?

No.  Simply add Soltron® to your tank or storage tank and then fill up.