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Zinnos ZNC-401 Universal NMEA 0183 Converter

Brand: Zinnos, Condition: New

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Zinnos ZNC-401 Universal NMEA 0183 Converter

The Universal NMEA Converter, ZNC-401 converts various synchro, step, analog format signal into NMEA-0183 (IEC-61162-1) standard. This is very useful for interfacing most kinds of Gyrocompass, Anemometer, Speed Log, Rudder used in the worldwide with VDR (Voyage Data  Recorder), AIS (Automatic Identification System), ECDIS (Electronic chart Display and Information

This ZNC-401 Universal NMEA Converter can accept variety analog signals such 1/36/90/360:1 synchro signal, 180:1 step signal, DC ±5/10V or DC4~20mA signal, pulse or dry contact signal. This is designed to consider accuracy and stability, and can be used for core part of Anemometer, Rudder and etc.

All information is displayed in large 8 char x 2 Line LCD and there are 8 level dimmer and contrast control.

Size: 176 x 63 x 210mm

Weight: Appr. 1.4kg.

Applications and each specifications

1. Applications

1) Gyrocompass to NMEA Converter
- 1:1, 36:1, 90:1, 180:1, 360:1 Synch signal (AC 26V~115V, 50/60Hz or 400/500Hz)
- 90:1, 180:1, 360:1 Step signal (DC 25V~75V)
- NMEA format : $HEHDT,359.9,T**hh<CR><LF>
- For lower or higher voltage of Step/ signal, see below "Option".
2) Anemometer to NMEA Converter

- Angle : 1:1 Synch (AC 26V~115V, 50/60Hz or 40/500Hz or DC 0V~5V(10V)
- Speed : DC 0V~5V(10V) or 4~20mA or 0~1,710Hz pulse at 60m/s (116 Knots)
- NMEA format : $WIMWV,359.9,R,60,M,A*hh<CR><LF>

3) Rudder to NMEA Converter

- Angle : 1:1 Synch signal
- Rate : 1:1, 2:1 or 4:1 or N:1 Angle rate
- NMEA format : $RARSA,359.9,A,,*hh<CR><LF>

4) Speed Log to NMEA Converter

- Speed : 200 or 400 pulse at 1 nautical mile, 5V~36V Pulse or Dry Contact signal
- NMEA format : $VMVBW,49.9,A,,,*hh<CR><LF>, $VMVHW,359.9,T,,,49.9,N,,*hh<CR><LF>

5) Engine RPM
- 0~-/+500 rpm at -/+5V (or -/+10V)

2. Common Specifications

- Input : Synch, Step, DC +/-5V (+/-10V), 4~20mA, Dry/Pulse Input
- Output : 3 NMEA outputs (one port is RS-422 & RS-232 selectable.)
- Input Power : DC 18V~32V, AC 15V~23V Appr. 200 mA.
- Fuse : Electronic fuse, no replacement required

3. Options (Contact Us)

- Input Power : DC 12V (DC 9V~17.5V)
- Low voltage version : ZNC-401L - Synch 10~50VAC, Step 10~45VDC
- Higher voltage version : ZNC-401H - Synch AC 55V~230V, Step DC 55V~165V
- Customizing software are available for non-standard equipment and non-standard output data formats.

ZNC-401 Universal NMEA 0183 Converter - Datasheet (ZNC401_br_e.pdf, 32 Kb) [Download]

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