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Actisense® DST-2-170 Active DST Module (170 kHz)

Actisense® DST-2-170 Active DST Module (170 kHz)


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Actisense® DST-2-170 Active DST Module (170 kHz)

Breathe new smart digital life into your old or new transducers with this NMEA depth, speed & temperature digital signal processor ... The Actisense® Active Depth/Speed/Temperature module is the best solution for interfacing standard analog transducers and NMEA 0183 compatible chart plotters, radars, and on-board laptop PCs.

Designed for use with most existing analog transducers already fitted to a vessel, or with new analog transducers. Our industry-proven depth sounder algorithm has the best-in-class seabed tracking, and when in conjunction with a good-quality depth transducer, can track the seabed down to 0.3m or 1 foot (proven with Airmar transducers).

100W peak depth power enables a maximum depth range of 200m or 660 feet under optimum conditions (proven with Airmar transducers). 150 KHz & 200 KHz depth transducer frequencies are available to match most existing transducers. For enhanced interference rejection (from other sounders), a 235 KHz capable module is also available.

Log transducer and temperature thermistor interfaces allow additional data to be provided over the NMEA data stream, giving a cable saving. Easy reprogramming of the DST module’s software is possible, to include the very latest software enhancements or customisations.

The DST module’s data interface is configured for NMEA 0183, but can operate as a fully bi-directional RS485 interface for customised applications, such as an on-board multiple depth sounder network.

• Converts analog depth, speed and temperature transducers to output NMEA 0183
• Connects to analog depth sounder transducers to produce NMEA 0183 depth sentences DBT and DPT
• Connects to hall-effect speed sensors to produce NMEA 0183 speed and distance traveled sentences VHW and VLW
• Connects 10kΩ @ 25ºC temperature sensors to produce NMEA 0183 temperature sentences MTW
• Depth range of 0.3m (1’) to 100m (325’) max

Actisense DST-2 Interface Diagram

Powerful Digital Signal Processor

A high-speed microcontroller capable of 10 million instructions per second, and a large memory to handle the advanced digital signal processing techniques required to calculate the depth of water below the vesel, vessel speed, distance travelled and water temperature.

Class Leading Depth Performance

Depth performance in a class of its own, with an industry leading shallow depth capability of just 0.3 metres / 1 foot (below 10 knots), and a maximum depth of 200 metres (depending on the transducer type).

Proven Depth Algorithm

The depth processing algorithms have been fine-tuned over an 6 year period and represent the best-in-class available for calculating the correct depth, even under difficult conditions - at speed, with layers of algae, turbulence and interference from other vessels.

Optional Depth Frequencies

One variations of the module is available to match an existing depth tranducer's frequency - 200kHz.

Speed Tracking Algorithm

Speed calculations can accurately track even the smallest changes in vessel speed, with a resolution of 0.1 knots.

Temperature Algorithm

A thermistor can precisely measure the water temperature around the transducer, with a 0.1°C resolution.

Transducer Interfaces

Depth: connects to a standard piezoelectric depth transducer crystal element using a three-wire interface. Speed: connects to a standard ' paddle-wheel' hall-effect speed transducer using a three-wire interface. Temperature: connects to a standard metal case thermistor transducer using a two-wire interface.

P66/IP68 Case and Grommet Design

A robust polycarbonate case with a high waterproof certification. The small case size is ideal for space restrictive applications.

High Quality Angled Screw Terminals

The 'moving cage' type terminals make cable installation a simple and quick operation.

 NMEA 0183 Full-Differential Output Driver

Can drive up to 4 fully compliant NMEA 0183 device loads, with a 10mA (maximum) drive capability. The full-differential output ensures better quality communications and lower noise emissions on unshielded twisted pair cabling. Simply wire to a device capable of showing NMEA information to view all the NMEA data. sit the Active Research website to view general information on our current product partnerships.

 NMEA 0183 Sentences Output

 Depth (DBT and DPT), Speed (VHW), Distance Log (VLW) and Water Temperature (MTW) sentences are output once per second.

 Wide Battery Input Voltage Range

 For maximum compatibility, any battery supply between 11 and 28 volts can be used.

 Very Low Current Consumption

 Ideal for small vessels with small batteries.

 Customise Service Available

Actisense® offers a full user configuration service for the Active DST Module range. The module can be fine tuned to match each customer's individual requirements - be they different Baud rates, faster/slower data output rates, and/or specific data output formats, or even a different depth frequency.