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Actisense® DST-2-200 Active DST Module (200 kHz)

Actisense® DST-2-200 Active DST Module (200 kHz)

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Actisense® DST-2-200 Active DST Module (200 kHz)

Breathe new smart digital life into your old or new transducers, with digital signal processing technology Designed for use with most existing analog transducers already installed, or new analog transducers.

Actisense's industry proven depth sounder algorithm has the best-in-class seabed tracking, and used in conjunction with a good quality depth transducer, can track the seabed down to 0.3m or 1 foot (proven with Airmar transducers). 100W peak depth power enables a maximum depth range of 100m or 330 feet under optimum conditions (proven with Airmar transducers).

The DST module’s data interface is configured for NMEA 0183 and RS232, but can operate as a fully bidirectional RS485 interface for customized applications, such as a multiple depth sounder network. Log transducer and temperature thermistor interfaces allow additional data to be provided over the NMEA data stream, giving a cable saving when those extra measurements are required. Easy reprogramming of the DST module is possible using free software available on the Actisense® website.

The DST module’s software can be updated with the very latest software enhancements, or special purpose software such as a fish-finder/hydrograph software upgrade. The DST module can be further enhanced with the Actisense® NMEA display software for Windows™. This software displays the depth, speed, trip distance and temperature values, and plots a historical graph for each value. Available from the Actisense® website.

Comm MethodNMEA 0183
ConnectorBare Wire
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Display Connector0
Exterior ColorGray/Clear
Frequency Band200 kHz
FunctionsDepth, Speed, Temperature