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Actisense NGX-1-USB 0183 To N2K Gateway w/PC Interface (USB)

Actisense NGX-1-USB 0183 To N2K Gateway w/PC Interface (USB)

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Actisense NGX-1-USB 0183 To N2K Gateway w/PC Interface (USB) Fully NMEA 2000 Certified

NGX-1 NMEA 2000® Dual Gateway

Intelligent Gateway technology enables PC interfacing and NMEA data conversion…

The NGX-1 is an intelligent multi-function gateway, combining the power of Actisense's two previous generation products (NGT-1 and NGW-1) into one, cost effective, flexible product.

Configure the NGX-1 to operate as an NMEA 2000 <–> PC interface, or as a bi-directional NMEA 0183 <–> NMEA 2000 conversion gateway.

With this you will have full control and visibility of your vessel data; view all NMEA 2000 network data on Actisense NMEA Reader.

The device supports every available PGN in the NMEA 2000 standard.

View converted NMEA 0183 data on Actisense NMEA Reader. The device sports the largest conversion library of any gateway.

Easily interface with a wide range of PC applications via the NGX-1, such as TimeZero (NMEA 2000) and OpenCPN (NMEA 0183).

Configure the Actisense EMU-1, NGW-1 and NGX-1 via Actisense Toolkit using an NGX-1.

Connect legacy NMEA 0183 instruments together with new NMEA 2000 networks, greatly reducing upgrade costs.

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The NGX-1 is available in two versions:

NGX-1-USB: equipped with a USB cable to allow Plug and Play connectivity with a PC.

NGX-1-ISO: equipped with a bare wire open ended cable, allowing for connectivity to an NMEA 0183 device, or Serial Port / DB-9.


  • Vital NMEA 2000 diagnostic tool
  • USB version is fully isolated to prevent dangerous ground loops.
  • ISO version has OPTO-isolated input and ISO-Drive™ output for safely interfacing with RS232 or RS422
  • Up to 230,400 baud data transfer rate.
  • Advanced configuration using Actisense Toolkit allows Tx / Rx lists and Tx rates to be set.
  • Supports Fast Heading at 10Hz.
  • Multiple diagnostic LEDs


  • Allows all major PC Chart plotter applications to interface with the NMEA 2000 bus.
  • Provides a rule-enforcing firewall between the PC and the NMEA 2000 bus.
  • Powerful diagnosis of the NMEA 2000 network using the FREE NMEA Reader software provided.
  • Configure and flash-update Actisense products on the bus.
  • Upgrade NMEA 0183 equipment to NMEA 2000.
  • Allow NMEA 0183 devices to receive vital NMEA 2000 data.
  • Use the NMEA 2000 bus to multiplex several NMEA 0183 signals together.
  • Reliable, renowned bi-directional conversion engine
  • Supports a wide range of conversions including AIS.
  • Easily configurable using Actisense Toolkit
Brand: Actisense
CertificationsLE, IC, KCC, BQB, Wi-Fi, NCC, MIC, FCC DSS, FCC DTS, SRRC, CE
Comm MethodNMEA 0183/RS232/RS422
Connection TypeUSB
Connector: USB
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
NMEA 0183 Baud Rate4800 to 230400
NMEA 2000 LEN2
RoHS CompliantYes
Waterproof RatingIP68