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Peak Diagnostic Meter - NMEA 2000 - MPEH-001010

Peak Diagnostic Meter - NMEA 2000 - MPEH-001010

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Peak Diagnostic Meter - NMEA 2000 - MPEH-001010

The Peak Diagnostics handheld is for diagnosis of NMEA 2000® networks.


  • NMEA 2000® conformity tested and certified by the National Marine Electronics Association
  • Scan function for generating a list of connected devices with detailed device information
  • Tracking changes of connected devices using a network verification scan
  • Saving scan results in JSON format for further evaluation
  • Modification of parameters like device or system instance if permitted by the addressed device
  • Listing of incoming PGNs under the associated device
  • Usage of projects for diagnosing NMEA 2000 networks of different boats
  • Diagnosis functions for the connected CAN bus: Measurements CAN bus load and bus termination; Oscilloscope function for qualitative assessment of the CAN signals
  • Power supply via the internal rechargeable batteries, via the 12-Volt NMEA 2000 network supply, or the provided power supply unit
  • Measurement of NMEA 2000 supply voltage and Shield offset against ground
  • Simple device operation via a push dial and 4 buttons
Brand: Peak-System
Connector: NMEA2000® Micro
Country of Origin: Germany
Exterior Color: Gray
Material: Plastic