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Quark-Elec (UK)

Quark-Elec NMEA 2000 to WiFi/USB Bi-directional Converter With Integrated Voyage Data Logger - QK-A036

Quark-Elec NMEA 2000 to WiFi/USB Bi-directional Converter With Integrated Voyage Data Logger - QK-A036


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Quark-Elec NMEA 2000 to WiFi/USB Bi-directional Converter With Integrated Voyage Data Logger - QK-A036

NMEA 2000 <—> WiFi and USB gateway
Integrated SD card for voyage data logging

  • Bi-directional NMEA 2000, WiFi and USB converter
  • Recorded data in selectable format: NMEA 0183 or PCDIN(NMEA 2000 raw data)
  • Converts the most common NMEA 2000 PGNs to / from NMEA 0183 sentences over WiFi and USB
  • Allow diagnosis and performance analysis from a safe and remote place
  • Galvanic opto-isolation on NMEA 2000 CAN bus connection
  • Access to Quark-cloud free in the first 24 months
  • Circular buffer preserves latest recorded data while oldest data overwritten when card is full
  • WiFi supports Ad-hoc, station and standby mode


QK-A036 is a sophisticated NMEA 2000 to/from WiFi and USB multiplexer and an integrated vessel data recorder (VDR).

A036 transfers data from an NMEA 2000 backbone to any compatible device connected to it via WiFi or USB port. With it, the N2K network data can be viewed in the chart plotter. The WiFi and USB connections are bi-directions so the chart plotter can also send cross track and waypoint information to an NMEA 2000 autopilot to steer a programmed course.

A036 record the messages transmitted on the NMEA 2000 network. All messages are stored with an integrated SD card. The stored data can be uploaded to Quark-cloud or accessed over SD card reader (not provided). With an up to 32GB space SD card, 7 weeks or even more of vessel data can be stored.

The recorded vessel data (in .txt files) will be automatically uploaded to the cloud once A036 has been registered and connected to Internet. The Upload function can be disabled if desired. One device can have up to 8GB cloud space and the server will overwrite the oldest files once the space is full.

Typical System Setup

The A036 is a flexible device and the connections can be tailored to your individual setup. Below is an example setup.

NMEA 2000 VDR and WIFI converter

The A036 can be used out of the box for standard functionality or configured for uploading data to Quark-cloud.

3 Marine Bi-directional WiFi to NMEA 2000 options diagram. Direct WiFi connection, Connecting NMEA 2000 though to a router or access point, or dissabling WiFi function if needed.

WiFi Connection

The WiFi module is set for direct Ad-hoc WiFi connection as default, with no need for a router. The SSID and password can be changed through QK-A036 configuration software, increasing security and memorability.

Up to 4 wireless devices can connect directly to the A036 in Ad-hoc mode.

QK-A036 can also be connected via Station mode using the Configuration software. This allows for greater range and remote access, as well as additional multi-device access. A036 need to be setup with station mode if Quark-cloud service required.

The WiFi can also be disabled and be placed on Standby mode if desired.


Bi-directional gateway

Bi-directional WiFi: With 2-way WiFi, the A036 allows for wireless connection to autopilots and other NMEA devices, giving you the freedom to navigate, monitor and control from your iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and other WiFi enabled devices.

Bi-directional USB:  With 2-way USB, the A036 allows the user to send instructions and data through USB from a laptop to all connected outputs. Frequently used to control autopilots and other NMEA devices from OpenCPN and other PC software, allowing the user to navigate, monitor and control from your laptop. This feature also allows for sending of test data for system testing and analysis.

More technical info

  • Compatible with NMEA 2000 Chart plotters, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux systems (Full functionality, though the configuration is through a Windows application)
  • Compatible with Android and iOS (All functionality excluding USB connection and Configuration)
  • Accessing the cloud server is a new service that Quark-elec began providing in 2021. We are keen to keep developing it to provide more features. Please check out our website to get the latest news. One QK-A036 can have up to 8GB cloud memory for free in the first 24 months.

What’s included?

  • 1 x QK-A036
  • 1 x 16GB SD card
  • 1 x CD containing Manuals, Configuration Software and drivers
  • 1 x Setup Guidebook.