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Vetus Spare Propeller (6 Blade) for Bow125/130/160 - Set0090

Vetus Spare Propeller (6 Blade) for Bow125/130/160 - Set0090

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Vetus Spare Propeller (6 Blade) Diameter 9 7/8" for Bow125/130/160

A bow thruster provides positive control over movements of the bow caused by cross wind or current. Vetus offers a wide range of Bow Thrusters both electrical and hydraulic to suit a broad variety of boats.

One of the latest Vetus developments has been made in collaboration with the Maritime Institute Netherlands (MARIN) The world famous hydrodynamic laboratory. working together Vetus and MARIN have optimized the performance of the bow thruster by developing a unique shaping of the propeller blades. This has resulted in a drastic reduction in cavitation and thruster noise. The efficiency has improved as well which results in lower current consumption of up to 10%. All New Vetus models are outfitted with this new propeller.

This particular propeller is meant for the Vetus Bow125 Bow130 and Bow160 Bow Thrusters. Specifically for boats that have a standard 9 7/8" tunnel diameter.