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Zinnos NMEA 0183 Tester – ZNT-300 (Monitor/Simulator with Oscilloscope)

Zinnos NMEA 0183 Tester – ZNT-300 (Monitor/Simulator with Oscilloscope)


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Zinnos ZNT-300 NMEA 0183 Tester –  (Monitor/Simulator with Oscilloscope)

The ZNT-300 NMEA Tester is a sub-compact and ultra-light portable NMEA Tester, NMEA Monitor, NMEA Simulator, NMEA Generator, Pulse Generator and Oscilloscope. All of theses functions are integrated in the battery powered ZNT-300. (USB rechargable battery)

Free yourself from the need to carry a laptop computer, protocol analyzer and/or Oscilloscope into the field. The Zinnos ZNT-300 NMEA Tester is an essential tool for every engineer, service technician or offshore voyager.

It provides three major, built-in functions in a very portable format:

  • NMEA 0183 Sentence Monitor - The Zinnos ZNT-300 can monitor NMEA 0183 (or serial) data without any signal loss on communications between talkers and listeners. It can also check baud-rate automatically.
  • NMEA 0183 Sentence(s) Generator (NMEA 0183 Simulator) - The ZNT-300 will generate 16 NMEA 0183 sentences for testing of a NMEA 0183 Listener.
  • Basic Oscilloscope Functions. - The ZNT-300 has an oscilloscope mode for testing of NMEA 0183 signal and general electronic circuits.

1. General Specifications

Display Full color 2.8″ TFT LCD 65K 320×240
Input Impedance > 500kohm
Max. Input Voltage 80Vpp (By x 1 Probe)
Upgrade Via USB
Power Supply 500mAh 3.7V Lithium Battery or USB Connector

2. NMEA Tester, NMEA Monitor

Min. Input voltage Min. 1.4V
View Mode Raw data – Display raw NMEA 0183 or Binary signal
Summary – Display data value of NMEA 0183 sentence
Logging Save Screen capture image, Monitoring Data
It can be viewed at PC via USB cable
Baudrate 1,200~115,200bps.
Manual select, Automatically detect and select.

3. NMEA 0183 sentence Generator, Pulse Generator

NMEA 0183 Sentences Generates mainly used NMEA 0183 sentences.
Currently, about 16 NMEA 0183 sentences.
Of course, continuously upgraded with Customer requirements.
Pulse signal 10Hz~1MHz square wave

4. Oscilloscope

Analog Bandwidth 0~1MHz
Max. Sample Rate 1Msps 12Bits
Horizontal Sensitivity 1uS/Div~10S/Div
Horizontal Position Adjustable with indicator
Vertical Sensitivity 10mV/Div~10V/Div(with x 1 probe), 0.5V/Div~100V/Div(with x 10 Probes)
Vertical position Adjustable with indicator
Measurement – Frequency, Cycle time, Duty cycle.
– Peak / RMS / Average / DC voltage.
– Precise vertical / horizontal measurement with markers.
– Hold/Run
Waveform storage Micro SD card
PC connection via USB As SD card reader

5. Options

Customizing Customizing is available for user specific requirements.
– This specifications may be changed without any notifications.
– In case of a need of any other specifications, please contact us.